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If there were a community that lived completly without modern technology would you live there?

by lisa:

If it meant that you would survive a apocolypse situation and help the enviroment at the same time. The community would be completly self suffiecent. Creating there own energy, growing there own food and healing their own sick. Everyone would have a job to do. Money would not excist if you needed some chickens and “Fred” had chickens he would give you one and if he needed somthing that you had you would give him what he needed. Another topic that would need to be addressed is that it would NOT be a religious community.
I just use this as an example to give you all somthing to think about when answering my question. Would you live in a community like this and why?
Remember people I said NOT a religious community. That excludes the Amish, Menonites, and all the other self proclaimed “plain people”. Please exclude all cults out as well. Just as a precursor.
As far as healing the sick. It wouldnt be like a hospital. More of a modern day medicine man I suppose. Herbs and what not. This question just popped into my head today so I thought I would ask everyone else to see what you all thought. Thank you all for your answers. Again I must stress NOT A RELIGIOUS COMMUNITY!!!

Answer by Raymond L
They’re called the Amish. And; NOOOO.


  1. Only if I had to, I’m way to comfortable with stuff like cars, electricity, the internet, hospitals, a police to protect me from roaming agrressive neighbors, etc.

  2. They have these already, and they are called amish villages…the big one is in Pennsylvania. I don’t know if I could survive without the modern day conviences…I could probably for a week or so, but would have to have them back. My aunt and uncle have a cabin out in the middle of no where w/no power, etc. where they are going to go if the rapture comes. Kind of silly because if it happens and they are the true Christians they say they are, they won’t be around for any of the bad stuff that will happen after.

  3. No. Modern technology includes things like refrigeration and plumbing, right? I don’t particularly want to have to dig a hole every time I take a dump and I prefer if my food isn’t spoiled. Oh, and how are you supposed to “heal the sick” without technology. Drugs are in existence as a result of modern technology. Even the Amish go to the hospital if they need to.
    There have been experiments done and some say that modern man is incapable of living without modern conveniences.

  4. No…definitely not, because I’m to lazy to survive…so I leave you and the others…it would be boring far me to live there…that’s why science progresses so we can live better…

  5. There are many of these communities you speak of…yes, most definately, the Amish, however, they are a highly religious sort as well, which is their reasoning for defying all technology, so they don’t really count in your question.
    I, personally, enjoy the diversity technological breakthroughs have provided…although I do not agree that technology should overrride humanity, which is becoming more evident, unfortunately. So, NO…I would not enjoy the total deferrment of modern techs like showers, toilets, dentistry, skis, trucks, baby strollers, etc…some things are just plain useful to the needs…

  6. I would love to turn back time somewhat. I like some of what the Amish do but not the religious side. Some technologhy is fine but things are just going to fast now especially with communication. I think about living in a time when you had maybe rail transport, communication by letter that gave you time to think and ponder your reply and gave you the sense of excitment as a letter you are awaiting arrives. Enough knowledge to reduce suffering when unwell and aid recovery. I grew up on a farm and appreciate family values and togetherness with evenings of playing cards and games. Sitting here typing on my laptop does go against what I say but I am looking for some place I can turn back the clock and I know there are a lot of people that feel the smae way. INo I am not some really old guy living in the past. I am in my early fourties and feel as I look back there was a time some yaers back we had reached a point when we had enough good things to enjoy life but I see with sadness as technology continues to develope that the friendly fabric of society is now starting to crumble. What can we do


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