Home Discussion Forum if there is such a thing as spiritual?

if there is such a thing as spiritual?

which by definition is infinite…can thee be such a thng as
like can a person refer to the spiritual practices or thier spiritual life on earth….does that make sense
is that not fitting spiritual into a limited finite really non/spiritual model to suite the ego


  1. i say yes. the body is finite, but what of the soul. “They” have placed dying people on a weigh machine, and upon death, 21 grams magically disappears. the soul of the person, where does it go. to infinity?

  2. Yes there is such a thing as spiritual and it exists on a continuum. From infinitesimal to gigantically spiritual but the human has a spiritual component.

  3. that’s a good question
    all human beings have a spiritual side – that is, as you said, a side that will last for eternity. Your spiritual life (zaos, in the Greek) is the part of you that will last forever; it is your soul.
    the spiritual actions a person takes on this Earth are their attempts to prepare for eternity, either misguided preparation or solid preparation, the soul is involved.
    i think that’s the answer…or rather, i think that’s what your question meant…
    hope it helps

  4. God is a spirit, thus the origin of spiritual. To practise a relationship with God is spiritual and a relationship with him is Holy.
    Don’t fight it, it works………..I know.
    As to non spiritual. Any practice offensive to God would be in that class.

  5. We are 3 part beings. Body, soul, and spirit. They all interrelate. My God is infinite… in power, and wisdom. I can’t totally comprehend Him, but I know Him better every day.

  6. The Bible teaches that there is both a physical world and a spiritual world and that they coexist. Some people believe that there is a secular world and a sacred world and that those two are separate, but the Bible teaches that to the believer all things are sacred–everything we do, all the attitudes and thoughts we have–matter to God.

  7. To be non-spiritual is to be bogged down in this duality by your ego, which keeps you from the truth and enlightenment.
    To be spiritual here is to know that the ego is false, and only your soul/spirit knows the truth, following the truth that resides within leads you to self-fullness not selfishness.

  8. there are three different parts to a mortal – the physical – the spirit – the soul. the physical container is the part which allows the soul and spirit to move around on the plane of existence. the soul returns to GOD who gave it and the spirit is the essence which remains as a part of the memory of those who knew or heard of the departed one. this was the way it was explained to me which made sense at the time.

  9. I am trying to understand what you’re talking about, OK here we go:
    I think it depends on the individual on believing about spiritual or non spiritual
    It’s a personal thing, you know.
    I suppose that’s it , at least that’s what I feel……….. = : >


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