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if there is no consciousness behind the universe then was it just an accident, or am i using the wrong word?

without any purpose or intelligence what caused anything to be, i.e, laws of physics, pre big bang energy etc. Is it not then just a cosmic accident?


  1. “… It would be perfectly consistent with all we know to say that there was a Being who was responsible for the laws of physics”. Stephen Hawking….American Scientist, 73, (1985).
    Check out this book, “The Case for a Creator”, by Lee Stroble

  2. “just a cosmic accident”
    It’s not an accident…it just is….an accident implies that it was not supposed to happen..ie, something went wrong.
    For all we know universes happen all the time. Maybe not….it doesnt matter….Because it just IS
    @IRev. Albert Einstein: Does it bother you that Einstein is burning in hell right now for not believing in a personal god? (hay, its your beliefs, not mine)

  3. Nature is the creator of everything, it is perfect in itself.
    Many believe in some sort of “grand architect” (they may be referring to the very source of existence itself). And many are intent on “perfecting nature” also.

  4. More or less.
    All we have are laws derived from laws derived from laws derived from observation.
    Until we build a big enough particle smasher to tell us what it all really comes down to, were pretty much just going to have to accept that it happened.

  5. There is NO purpose; there is NO plan or ‘meaning’ to our existence; there is NO invisible sky critter; at best we are an accident in Time and Space.
    We exist for the simple reason that we exist.
    We are, at best, an accidental collection of loosely combined molecules responding to our environment … no matter how sophisticated that environment may be or we imagine it to be.
    At the end of ‘life’ we ‘disperse’; we dissipate into stardust.
    We may as well have some fun while we’re here without all that paranoia stuff – thinking there are invisible sky critters watching and waiting for us to screw up.

  6. Yeah, I’d say “accident” was the wrong word, only because that word implies something that normally doesn’t happen.
    We don’t know how common it is for universes to form — so we can’t say it’s an “accident.” For all we know, our universe could be the 237,492nd universe to form in the same way, and all of them went through the same cycles, spawned life, died out, and started over again.
    What we *do* know is that there’s no known “cause.” And no evidence that it was designed by some intelligence to happen…so assuming there was intelligence behind it isn’t a supportable conclusion.

  7. Yes, I would agree with that. But it does seem to have a consciousness don’t you think in the way nature behaves (light, dark, birth, death, summer, winter etc…?)

  8. Cosmic accidents don’t have wonderfully fertile lands and seas, They don’t have creatures that can think and move and eat.
    How did your brain develop.? Granted you are not using it too well at present but you probably could if you tried.
    We can plan and learn, we can speak and eat. Our bodies are wonderfully made. But they are subject to the process of death just as Scripture tells us.
    There is a Creator, the LORD God Almighty who sustains all things. Whether you wish to believe in Him is your business but it makes no difference to His existence.
    God has sent His son to be a willing sacrifice for our sins. We can take advantage of this blessing or we can turn our backs. The choice is yours but don’t whinge if you turn your back on God.

  9. Accident implies intent. The fact is, we don’t know anything of the probabilities involved. All we can say is that if the conditions weren’t right, you wouldn’t be here asking this question, so it’s a moot point!

  10. The quantum physicists are saying that the big bang is the first spark of universal consciousness. Everything unfolded from it.
    We are all linked to every other, and it can be proved.. If you chop something in two, put one half in a another separate room, electrify the other half, both halves react. It’s like there is an invisible wire connecting them. Everything is connected to everything else in that way. When one thing is affected the rest will react with it.
    Practicing Shaman… quantum physics rocks.


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