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Then why shouldn’t I MURDER my enemies,and then commit suicide??
Why are people wrong if they kill,rob,steal or rape?We are all cosmic accidents,with no purpose on this planet but to reproduce and then die.
There is no morality,or judgements,there is no after life or purpose for our consciousness after death…..so why suffer?
Why be poor?Why be hungry?WHy FORGIVE?
Someone cuts you off …murder them.
someone is being snotty to you…..murder them.
someone left you,hurt you….murder them,and then kill yourself.
Go forth and destroy,pillage,murder and cause mayhem……The ATHEIST SAYS THERE IS NO GOD TO JUDGE YOU!!


  1. Dear, God has given everyone a special skill to love good and hate evil. Nobody likes evil, even if that person himself is an evildoer. He does it knowing that it is wrong. Where does this instinct to hate evil and love goodness come from? No one can tell God “I did not know”. Every thought and act of ours is known by God the very same moment we feel and do it. He only can feel whatever we feel as it is. Atheists are wasting their life by rejecting God. You don’t bother about them; please obey God and live with him which will last forever.

  2. That is why there are lots of crimes in lawless state ;-p
    There is no God to judge you but there are human judge ;-p
    There is no God to stop you but there are police men ;-p
    You have presented evidences to show that there is no God ;-p

  3. The main goal of those under the influence of the sin nature is to make himself a god, to have complete control over his life, or so he thinks. Then religion comes along with obligations, judgments, and restrictions, while atheists presume to define their own meaning and morality. They do not want to submit to God because their hearts are at “enmity against God” and they have no desire to be subjection to His Law. In fact they are incapable of doing so because their sin has blinded them to truth (Romans 8:6-7). This is why atheists spend most of their time complaining and arguing not about the scriptural proof texts, but the “dos and don’ts.” Their natural rebelliousness detests the commandments of God. They simply hate the idea that anything–or any One–should have control over them. What they do not realize is that Satan himself is controlling them, blinding them, and preparing their souls for hell.

  4. see i am a atheist which means that i could do all of that and not go to hell but maybe go to jail if they find out it was me, but why should i, y should i go ahead and do things that not even i would be proud of, fag***

  5. The consequences in the real world (without god and hell) work in practical terms. The idea that things are universal and that god will make it so, means avoiding personal responsibility.
    In practical terms, people are still afraid of consequences, just not supernatural ones. If you actually believe that god is a source of morality, then you are a fool. Genocide, slavery, sexism, bigotry, an eternity of suffering, stab pregnant women in the stomach, kill everyone but keep the virgins for yourself. Your god is a prick! Luckily for me there is no reason for me to believe he could ever exist.


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