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If there is a new world order or an Illuminati why do people think the members are only Republicans?

First I am not into grand conspiracies. In fact I find most of them just plain silly. However, everytime I see mention of these groups it seems they are almost always equated with Republicans. If there is a New World Order or an Illuminati isn’t it much more likely that these groups would non specific in party affiliations and corrupt all politicians equally in order to achieve their goals.
roady42: Where exactly did you me placing any blame on anyone in this question?
The previous statement should read see me placing blame.
G51044 & GTR: That is not an answer, it’s a commercial for a conspiracy website. I seen the site already. I’ll pass thanks.
the liberal patriot: I am not speculating one way or the other whether there is a New World Order. I am merely stating that in a preponderous of posts which I see on the matter it is often associated with Republicans exclusively.


  1. I think that the Republican connection came through the allegation that Nelson Rockefeller, the former Republican governor of New York, was a member of these alleged conspiracies.

  2. Check out George Soros on Wikipedia. His foundations, his dealing with foreign countries. His role in the mass media.
    He is exactly what you have described.

  3. I don’t know, but think of this: almost every president for the last century, of either party, has been a member of a secret wealthy, elite cabal at Yale called “Skull & Bones.”
    By the way, to The Liberal Patriot, ‘novus ordo seclorum’ does NOT translate into “New World Order” but rather into “New Order of the Ages.”
    It was more specifically intended on the dollar bill to mean, “Beginning of the New American Era.”

  4. This is not a rep/dem issue it is a basic good/evil issue. On the evil side we have the 13 Illuminati families with all their minions working for a one world government or a new world order. They control our government through the CFR and the fed reserve.

  5. You hit the nail on the head. People are ignorant and don’t understand what a new world order or illuminati are about. (if they exist)

  6. I don’t know who the members of the Illuminati are, do you?
    I didn’t know they were all Republicans did you?
    By the way, take a dollar bill out of your wallet and read what it says below the pyramid on the back…..Novo Ordo Seclourum. That was on the first US dollar I believe.
    It’s latin for “new world order”. So what does that say about this new world order stuff? Draw your own conclusions…..
    In response to the questioners comments I’ll respond;
    You don’t hear Liberals or Democrats talking about world domination, extenstion global power or hegemeony, that’s why.

  7. Because most people have concluded that only Republicans consider themselves “illuminated” enough to impose a new world order, and are sufficiently “power hungry” to want to impose one.

  8. Well, not that I myself buy this particular conspiracy hypothesis–really, “theory” is the wrong word for it, as theory implies that it’s something with substantial evidence to back it up–but, to Answer your Question here, I really think it’s obvious.
    This whole “Illuminati” business is about taking over the world via money, by way of Big Business and its connections. And….in the 20th century at least, in the United States, *much more* often than not your conservative, Republican elements have been *about* being pro-big-business, they’ve been *about* putting the interests of Big Oil (Halliburton? Iraq war?) and Big Banking (severe and recent changes to bankruptcy laws putting *most* ordinary people *one* crisis away from being de facto indentured servants) above those of ordinary voting citizens.
    You can call it an accident of history really. In what remains of the old Soviet Union, the people who would be most aligned with “Illuminati” interests aren’t even politicians, but rather the “oligarchs” or big businessmen whose interests border on organized crime and racketeering. And in what *was* the United States before the Civil War, one could argue that the pre-Lincoln Democrats were once closer to “Illuminati” interests.
    This is why I think the hypothesis fails to some degree. The whole conspiracy operates on one *simple* heuristic–follow the money, more specifically the Old, Landed Money. Problem is….that heuristic fails to take into account that “Old Landed Money” has a habit of changing with the passing of decades and centuries….even Big Banking has changed the way it does business in so many ways that bankers in the 1950s would have trouble recognizing some features of today’s landscape (trading in derivatives versus stocks, emphasizing the *buying and selling* of debts versus keeping people *in* debt). It also fails to take into account the changes in technologies (no, not the internet–that was stifled pretty effectively. I’m talking about the rise of Big Oil itself.), or the market shifts that can take place (people didn’t see the rise of Asian economies–Japan, then China, then Southeast Asia, then China *again*–and they likely *won’t* see the rise of India or Russia either when that hits) from nation to nation and culture to culture.
    In very plain terms: The hypothesis is *too* simple to be as all-encompassing as it claims to be. Only *one* conspiracy? Only *one* group of wannabe-all-mighty-then Muckety Mucks who want to take over the world? Ok….
    And if they’ve been active all this time, and so rich and powerful…where are their successes? Really, why haven’t they taken over completely yet? It’s not just a question of timing or agenda here–the lack of world conquest at this late date forces me to ask the question: If the Illuminati Hypothesis is true at all…then why are people still free? Does this mean that *no one* in on the conspiracy is *competent* at all? ^_^ Reduction to absurdity. The world conquest doesn’t happen according to plan because the hypothesis is itself absurd.
    But I digress. Point is, if you take the hypothesis at face value, you do have a “follow the Old Money” mindset, and that means you look for the political party that caters to Old Money first.
    Which is a mistake if there actually *are* any conspiracies afoot, just because for all we know, the conspirators may well have it in their best interests to *have* a sold-out, ineffective version of “mainstream liberalism” at their beck and call (they do, it’s called creating a false division to draw attention away from the real ones). They may have it in their best interests to *underfund* critical social services when the need for them is on the *rise*, things like the police, public schools, and healthcare (they do…it’s called keeping the peons *desperate*, ignorant and terrified).
    My take on it is that there are at *least* five or six *different* conspiracies afoot at any given moment, and these days, they’ve all had one horrid effect: To sabotage the way the United States works, in an attempt to weaken Western Civilization. And I doubt it is from these multiple conspiracies working together so much as it is that nobody’s really paying attention to the *needed* things and in so doing, every plotter gets at least a *brief* free ride.
    Essentially it’s like a stray dog that’s been out in the alleys too long: fleas alone won’t kill a dog, but if the dog already has ticks, worms, lice, an infected wound and a leech already to deal with, then yes, *one more* parasite will drag it down.
    I hope this was helpful. -_- Thanks for your time.

  9. Wow
    The illuminati were originally mystics, “illuminated ones”. But now, somehow, that name has taken on evil connotations. Really, this isn’t so much about political parties as it is about who controls everything. For example, can anyone name the members of the Board of the Federal Reserve? They control everything about our economy and we are not allowed to know who they are! Because we might rise up and slay them. Now, there’s a group to single out as probable members of the Illuminati…AND, I’ll bet they’re all republicans….


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