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If there is a long point on a black kyanite stone, can it attractive negative energy and effect your health?

I recently got a black kyanite stone to wear around my neck on a chain for psychic protection. I wear it around my neck so that it is close to me heart. Where the stone is connected to the chain it fans out with little fans. Then the kyanite gets narrower going down making a fine point. Someone told me that I should not have the sharp point pointing down the way it is. They said it could attract negative things and that it is not good for your health. A kyanite stone is supposed to be a stone though that you never need to cleanse and a stone that doesn’t attract negative energy. It is supposed to repeal negative energy. They told me I should flip the stone around and glue the sharp point inside the piece that is attaching it to the chain. Does anyone know if the sharp point attracts negative energy towards you? Should I turn the stone around and re glue it, or just leave it? Thanks in advance for any responses!


  1. I can say with some confidence that it does not matter which way up your stone is.
    You might want to try asking in mythology and folklore….

  2. Oh my giddy aunt.
    This forum is called Geology and Earth Science – you couldn’t pose a more unscientific question had you spent weeks thinking one up. It’s psycho-babble nonsense I’m afraid – your stone will attract exactly the same level of ‘negative energy’ as anything else you may want to hang around your neck. Sorry, but it’s the scientific truth.

  3. I suppose having any sharp pointed object hanging around your neck may be bad for your health if you fell over and impaled yourself with it.

  4. The concept that stones carry/attract energy or vibrations is a lot of “New Age” garbage without no scientific basis whatsoever. I have spent most of my life surrounded by more precious stones and minerals than you have ever heard of or are even likely to ever hear of. If they had any “psychic” or other benefits at all I should be like Superman – in reality I am short, going bald and need glasses to type this. Oh and by the way if your stone is black it is VERY unlikely to be kyanite so you have been sold a pup any way.


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