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If there are positive and negative energies out there – why are there?

And if a ghost or spirit has no powers what positive things can they do? and visa versa what negative things can a ghost do? I hear and read lots of things about seances but if the spirits are just that spirits why would they want to harm


  1. There is simply energy out there. We decide whether it is positive or negative because of how it directly relates to our own personal circumstances. That’s all.
    Spirits are here simply because their time on earth is over, but for one reason or another they are not ready or able to go “home”. That can be good or bad for those around them. It’s all in how you look at it.

  2. The spirit s are demon spirits, and they have power to kill rob and destroy. Whoever told you they don’t have power is lying or deceived by theses spirits, The Power of God and the Holy ghost is the good power and the enemy power which is no match for Jesus’s power they can manipulate a person to murder or steal rape and everything you can imagine. And the reason people want to get with these is it is satanism and they promise to give you riches, they are lying spirits! Seek Jesus in John and get the holy spirit and be blessed and not cursed!

  3. honey, i don’t have time to go into the whole thing but read Ephesians 6:12 thta’s one source and yes God has alotted Satan some powers that have to bow to His Word but SAtan has power and no authority. If you are truly saved you have more power than the devil because the Holy Spirit resides in and works through you. that’s why the power of life and death is in the tongue whatever you speak you believe do not let people speak negative things into your life and teach and encourage those who speak negatively to themselves

  4. Spirits are parts of God and can’t harm because God can’t harm, not the real God. Positive and negative is only for universal balance and only flows back to you in proportion to how you
    give it out. If you give negative you receive negative to balance and if you give positive you receive positive to balance. This is not punishment and reward but simply the universe regulating the
    perfect mathematical balance of energy just as the rest of creation is always doing

  5. I doubt the existence of ghosts and spirits. But even if they did exist, I’m sure they are not out to harm people. As long as we respect them, there should be no cause for fear of them.

  6. We know nothing other than our Perceptions.
    Literature is full of villains who, in the end, were only doing what was necessary to prevent a greater evil. And Life is too.
    If you would judge such things, be also prepared to deal with what others would judge for themselves.
    Expand your reading to Para-Psychology, Meta-Physics, Comparative Religion, and Philosophy.

  7. There is no such thing as a spirit or a ghost. What do exist are Djinns. They are a completely different creation living parrallel to human beings. Sometimes what people see, think they are ghosts of a person they know, in fact that is a djinn manifesting itself in the form of someone that you know. It is hard to explain, for example there could be nothing in a dark room but if your mind conjures up images of a person with their head covered, wearing a long cloak, standing in the corner with a knife, then very likely you won’t carry on into that room without turning the light on. That is how powerful the human mind is that you only need to believe that something is there to scare you.
    We create our own positive and negative energies.


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