If there are different stages of spiritual awakening…?

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Are the sensations different?
I am not suggesting that I am completely enlightened, only that my third eye has opened in ways that I cannot explain here.
I feel as though I have had 2 or 3 spiritual “awakenings” in my life. The first one was so long ago that I hardly remember which causes me to question if it was, indeed, and awakening. The second one occurred during the mid 1990’s.
I feel as though I have been entering a new awakening this year, in particular this past month. The s
In many ways, THIS awakening stage feels similar to my previous one, yet it feels much different also; the word deeper comes to mind.
If you believe in such things and have ever experienced more than one “awakening,” or stage of awakening,in what ways have they been different for you?
Rez: I REALLY can appreciate the analogy to plants!
MS: if this is true, why have I felt what this thunderbolt more than once and have felt awakened more than once also? Is it something else?
Perhaps I had been awakened and something occur ed to make me feel something that is similar, yet different?

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Somewhat Enlightened

I had one (the second one) that was preceded by an anguish I never thought humanly possible to contain. The first one, I was just an innocent bystander. (Yay! St Fransis of Assisi!!) I do not know whether to dread these things or anticipate them.
I found that I do not wish to be more enlightened than those around me, so I am quite content to be only somewhat enlightened. The more knowledge you have in this department, the more responsibility you have to bear. And also, it is a lonely place.


you have 3 eyes?
your not the radio active fish from the Simpson show are you?


I think life is an ongoing “awakening” that never stops. We’re like plants that grow toward the sun. The more I see the more I feel like I need to shut up because to go blabbering on about it somehow feels foolish.
The interesting thing I notice is how the more clearly I see things the more I see how the great ones before us set the framework for an enlightened world. We have this framework but it seems to me that we don’t use it or use it to potential, mostly because we aren’t ready or able to. I find it comforting in a way I never felt just blindly following the old hometown dogma.
I still have trouble understanding what this third eye is supposed to stand for. For all I know it’s sticking out of my head right now and I don’t know it.
Anyway, what the hell am I talking about here? I want to illustrate the fact that I can identify with what you’re saying on a very basic, instinctual level. Ask me to make sense of it and I’ll flounder, but never the less, I feel this way.

Muthu S

The sensations differ, the mind is withdrawn from the senses by interiorization
The yogi is aware of his bodily condition of suspended animation
In higher states, in his waking consciousness & among worldly duties body fixation is not felt.
Third eye opening is 6th level& 7 th level is yet to develop

Thimmappa M.S.

There may be different stages for(or to attain) spiritual awakening but once awakened no further stages, it is there full and complete, striking like a thunderbolt!


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