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If the (World had a Crystal Ball) we could see into the future and make better decision?

If every Home had a build in CrystalBall.we could look into this beautiful crystal and see our own future. before we married are before you meet someone what may happen at work,before you buy a home a car are apply for $50,,000,00 credit card are have kids walk out the door we could see what the future will be like every dayIf this crysatl ball could really show us what could happenin our life future . ( what do you think?)


  1. Lol if the world had a crystal ball, people would take advantage of it for their own selfish needs. Like look in the future to win the lotto, cheating on a test, etc. Just keeping it real.

  2. The world has a crystal ball, its called the Bible. The future of our people is explained and people still do not make better decisions.

  3. No, because people act more on their emotions rather than try to rationalize a situation. If people are greedy, selfish, or jealous, they are still going to step on others just to get what they want. It all depends on one’s ego.
    Do you think that we could have stopped President Bush from going to war against Iraq? There was no question that he wanted vengeance against Saddam Hussein for trying to kill George Bush Sr.


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