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If the world ended and all life was extinguished, what would happen to the so-called 'One consciousness'?

This question obviously holds the assumption that there is ‘one consciousness’ and no real individual souls.
If you’re familiar with (And accept) that kind of philosophy, then what would hypothetically happen if there were no sentient beings that the ‘one consciousness’ could attach to?
Let’s say hypothetically, we totally ‘knew’ that every living thing in the entire multiverse had been destroyed.
Key word ‘hypothetical’.


  1. How do we know that no sentient beings remain? It might involve much more than one population of puny creatures on a single planet or dimension.

  2. The life conscious doesn’t “attach to” sentient beings, it simply includes them within it’s influence. It would go on, just as it had before sentient beings showed up.

  3. Two things are yet to be defined by human beings. Till now human soul is not defined precisely by the modern science & technology. When any person dies they measured the mass of the body, no difference in weight & mass. But we are all sure that something very important has left the human body when any one dies. Similarly, time is yet to be defined by the modern science. We are only measuring the time. But a normal logical human mind is sure that Justice will prevail at some instant of time. A man who has murdered one person as well as another man who has murdered 100 persons are both hanged to death only once. But we are sure these two men cant have the same punishments. Conclusion is all such philosophical things have to be explained by the religous beliefs. Our responsibility is to find the right religion.
    Time starts for each of us when we come out of our mother’s womb. It ends when we die. Time is a dimension based on which we measure everything on this world. After death this time dimension is not there for each individual. To understand this if we analyse sleeping, we can infer something important. Daily when we sleep and get up after few hours, we know that we have slept for so many hours only after seeing the clock or the sun. So we are not aware of the clock ticking when we sleep. Death is same. Till now time has not been defined by the scientific community. They only predict it keeps on moving forward as long as our universe is expanding. This is happening at the speed of light. At some instant, the time will start reversing. Every one of us will be awakened from our grave yard, as time will go in reverse direction, we will see our worldly actions before us. This is the judgement day. We cant imagine that day as we are now living on an opposite plane. All good actions will be rewarded and people will go to heaven and hell based on their worldly deeds. After that the life will become eternal. No time dimension at all.

  4. I don’t know how far your idea of consciousness extends. Does it it end at the finger? Is it all in the mind? Is a rock conscious? Certainty a rock is not aware, nor is the finger. What then do you mean by consciousness? Neurological activity? The ability to compute reality or energy? Even the atomic strucure of a rock interacts with itself causing atomic computation which leads to its own manifestation.
    Let’s say hypothetically, we totally ‘knew’ that every living thing in the entire multiverse had been destroyed.
    How would we know if we were destroyed?
    What one-consciousness is, is only the awakening of how the universe is a single thing. Not all life is able to assimilate such a notion. Doing so is not even necessary, and you can even dismiss that the universe is a single unit. How? Think everything is by itself. The two can even be thought of as complimentary. Its a dualism.

  5. According to Hinduism, the one consciousness starts “creation” in order for every part of itself to be aware of itself…to acquire knowledge…(I’m not really sure how to explain it). So when the universe is destroyed, creation starts over. There are thousands of universes existing at a given time.
    The consciousness does not attach itself to any being. It is what all beings are made of in the gross or subtle form.
    Also, according to Hindu philosophy, the situation you depict is not at all hypothetical, but as real as real can get.

  6. Right, hypothetical. Strange how we don’t see the folly in all this. Surely the time and effort is best spent actually trying to see for oneself, clearly, unambiguously, free of speculation. If it comes to nothing so be it.


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