Home Discussion Forum If the tachyon theory is proved?

If the tachyon theory is proved?

Would it revolutionize space travel on a wide scale? And actually make interstellar travel to distant heavenly bodies possible?
What is your take on this?


  1. To prove they exist would be one thing – to find a way to generate them and use them for propellant may very well be another thing entirely – possibly a very tall order. Tachyon laser?

  2. all tachyons are are a theoretical particle with imaginary mass. we only infer that they exist because of the mathematics. if they actually exist then it wont really do much. it would be another neutrino type discovery. hey, cool, they really do exist, but they dont do much

  3. Hm.. I don’t know much about tachyons but I was under the impression that they were imaginary particles with imaginary mass.

  4. there discovery and proof of their existance would have very little impact, Superluminal transmission is a “solved” problem, and particles, photons, lasers, light and signals have all exceeded the speed of light in the past 20 years. Tachyons would just add one more item to a growing list.

  5. No, it would just make people pretend that the word actually was rigorously defined, instead of just a mathematical concept superimposed on reality. Instead of nowadays, when the phrase “expansion of space” and “curvature of space” and “fabric of space-time” are used, but there is no real explication of just what they mean, other than their use in equation-based models.
    BTW no theory is ever “proved.” That’s not what theories are about in science. It is what they’re about in math, but math isn’t reality.

  6. No, Einstein proposed that other universes were possible and they would have physical laws different from ours, in one such universe it may be possible that all objects moved faster than the speed of light, he called these bodies, tachyons. Because these words came from the great man science investigate and made experiments in an attempt to detect a tachyon at the fringes of our universe, none were found.


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