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if the spirit can be knocked out of the body via electric shock, what other types of things could affect it?

even if you don’t believe in astral projection , could you please entertain “my fantasy” for a moment ..

i’ve repeated an experiment where upon relaxing, i stick my “spirit arm” into an electric outlet .. upon doing so, my spirit goes flying across the room, and i can then see my body on the bed

it is often difficult to get back in .. so i just lay ontop the physical body until i awaken back in it

so my question, is like … are there other possible things that could be affected? or affect me, using that spiritual form? or phantom limb? as an amputee might call it?

like perhaps sticking a spirit arm inside a highly pressurized kerosene tank etc? would the lightness of the phantom limb be enough to burst the container?

other thoughts on things that could be affected?

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Hi, I´m afraid i cant answer your question but i wanted to recommend a good psychic protection before trying to go out of body so you don´t get negative psychic interference from astral entities/energy suckers and astral attacks,i have experienced attacks and interference and it can be very painful and scary.If you happen to get attacked when out of body or if you get scared then you can call on the Melchizedek Cloister Emerald Order to help you out,get you safely back into your body and help to protect you. Here is a great psychic protection technique that i recommend,i… Read more »


On this Google search for [spirit electric shock] http://www.google.com/search?source=ig&hl=en&rlz=1W1GGLL_en&q=spirit+electric+shock&btnG=Google+Search&aq=2&oq=spirit+ This a partial quote; “STATEMENT: – MATHEW 10: 40 Lord Jesus was the human incarnation of the Holy Spirit. The human body of Holy Jesus is like the metallic wire, which was all over, pervaded by the Holy Spirit. Veda says ‘Antarbahischa’ which means that the Holy Spirit pervades all over the body of Human Incarnation. Wherever you touch the wire the electric shock is given. Similarly the entire human body of Holy Jesus is holy. The holiness is the nature of Holy Spirit just like the shock is the property… Read more »


Any extreme assault on the body’s senses, such as really strong smells or loud noises. Something which would bombard and overwhelm the body. Which is why when having an orgasm it feels like your spirit is momentarily leaving your body.