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If the second coming of Christ is an inside job, what then does that imply about the Antichrist?

If our connection to Christ (cosmic) Consciousness is within man does this imply the same for the Antichrist?
A Prophet of God is called inward & expresses outward this inner connection, what happens with false prophets?
I have asked the question using Christian terminology, but not only Christians need answer. Speak what ever language, rather terminology you are comfortable with, this can be said in many ways for many cultures.
I am simply curious.
Thank You for answering!
Many Blessings!
I do not give thumbs down!
Can’t we just play nice everyone?


  1. The antichrist is a figure of speech, it just means anybody who doesn’t buy into that whole load of holy crap in churches and all that biblical mumbo-jumbo.

  2. To me it means that either this so-called anti-christ will believe what he is doing is actually right, so being the victim of his own ignorance and/or delusion.
    or that the whole idea of an anti-christ is absurd knowing that higher consciousness, or whatever it’s called, rises above human concepts of good and evil.
    Perhaps its both, a combination of the two somehow.
    I didn’t give any thumbs.

  3. Christ is within.
    Antichrist is within
    Truth is within.
    Lie’s and falsehood’s are within
    Good is within.
    Evil is within.
    Prophets are within.
    False prophets are within.
    Curiosity is within.
    Complacency is within.
    If the second coming of “The Christ” is within, then the second coming of “The Christ” will manifest on the periphery.
    Each and every child must learn to differentiate between these subtle ‘internal dwellers’.
    If one wishes to become a master gardener:
    One must learn to observe the differences between weeds and life sustaining plants.
    **That is the inside job!**
    If one waters the weeds eventually the weeds will take over the garden.
    One must learn to pull the weeds, and tenderly care for the life sustaining plants.
    One must carefully observe just what it is, that is growing on the inside.
    In order to accomplish this, one must go within and begin pulling the weeds.
    The priority in these times in which we are living, is to discover how to pull toxic weeds!!!

  4. A wasp stung a Caterpillar and injected its egg, which pursued its purpose of consuming, the Caterpillar from the inside out.
    When the time of the chrysalis came instead of a butterfly, out came a wasp larvae. there was nothing left of the Caterpillar, or its destiny to become a butterfly.
    This is Natures way of explaining how Sin works and my way of explaining how false prophets are made.
    The Anti- Christ is not necessarily a person, but has a unique character of being able to seal those who take of his mark, to eternal death (The Wasp) without the hope of redemption.

  5. *grins* Good one!
    If Thou Art That, then Thou Art That other ****** as well. Stands to sense, that does.
    The second coming will be, (or already is), taking place in the heart of man.
    The last great battle betweeen Good and Evil is an evolutionary leap. Armageddon is within you and me. Which way will we all jump?

  6. This is an excellent question. I think that everyone has both good and evil inside them. We all have to walk that fine line over the abyss eventually, and some people are closer to the darkness than others at this point, but we will all grow in some lifetime, even if it isn’t this one.
    The good people that are meant to move forward, will. The ones who flunk school, will be held back. Only our creator knows the difference that lies within each persons soul. Evilness is like the roots of a tree, every plant must start as a seed that grows into ugly roots, then blooms into a beautiful flower eventually.

  7. The Second Coming of the Christ Consciousness is already here! It heralds the coming of the New Age.
    However, since God, this world, and EVERYTHING in our lives is a product of our imagination it seems to reason that the Anti-Christ would be as well. All you have to do is check out some of the suspected candidates for AC and you find such greats as Henry Kissinger, some say he’s the Pope … there are many different views.
    The Christ Consciousness is what makes us all want to help each other during these trying times. It’s what bonds humanity and prepares us for our journey into the 5th Dimension.
    The AntiChrist could be considered as the govts of the world, the banks, and the Religions. These are all on the side of evil and greed and if you add the Ruling Families throughout the world you’ve got the perfect Anti Christ Cocktail. The fastest way to wipe out Love on this planet.
    So, I would say that the “Gang’s all here” so to speak. We have our reps of the Christ Consciousness and we have the reps for the Anti Christ. The battle is being set as we type. By 2012 the planet will be in the grips of a spiritual war we have never seen in OUR lifetime and it may go back as far, or farther, than the Crusades.
    WE also have the fact that God, Jesus, AND the Anti-Christ are all figments of our imaginations or are images that we have created within ourselves. None of us KNOW what God really looks like but we ALL have our own personal images of Him that we would swear IS THE TRUE GOD. I don’t have an image of the Anti C in my mind b/c I don’t allow negativity into my world and I haven’t been able to categorize the AC as positive in any way so he’s OUT!
    I should point out too that these are only MY personal thoughts on this and my thoughts only cover MY World … so the rest of y’all are welcome to think your own thoughts and put anything you want into your worlds. It’s none of my business as long as no one messes with my perfect world!
    i AM

  8. In those terms, the Christ is the ‘hero’ within and the antiChrist is the ‘villain’ within…..
    I don’t mean there’s literally a villain within you but;
    a dog that is chained too long becomes vicious and so does the spirit of a person….
    The outer drama mirrors the inner drama.
    Speakers speak truth or they speak misunderstanding.
    “…and if you know the mind of God and understand all mysteries…”
    “Let the prophets be subject unto the prophets….by two or three is the Word of God established…”
    The truth sets you free and the Hero saves the day.
    “..work out your own salvation with fear and trembling..”
    and the villain:
    “…he that leads into captivity shall be led into captivity..”

  9. We should remain focused on God, not the world and all the world’s “Drama”. This is satan’s way of dividing us, separating us from the Lord. The more “fear and doubt” he can use to manipulate us, divert our attention, the less we will remain aware of what God has already promised His children. We cannot afford to lose sight of His Glorious Coming!
    Doubt is the absence of faith.
    Fear is the absence of God.

  10. Firsthere, I wish you peace, Please forgive me if i sounded egoistic and please guide me too. My deepest respect to your “river“ and my respect to your “inner“
    and foremost I need to say this, My salutations to the other “ones“
    Hi friend, how are you ? hope you are fine, Im not from your river so if my answer feels like im going away from the topic of your question then please do forgive me, Im gonna let it flow,
    hmmm prophets ? you gotta know how to weed them out, I mean there are plenty of them around, the real ones, the fake ones, and the ultimate prophet within you, a prophet doesnt bring the others beleive unto himself but puts and brings the beleive unto the others, thats why you see jesus`s picture show one hand on his heart and the other is pointing up.
    A fake one only speaks what he knows out of the `books` to use people, he knows how to spin his words, but in reality he never really even reached the gate of the kingdom, he falls short because his intention is not according to IT, his intention is not in ITS order so he falls short. This is very important to know because your beleive is very important, its not to be given to every single person but you must KNOW and BELEIVE in the power of discriminating, Like I said before the real prophet puts the beleive you have unto yourself without having your ego having power of IT. A fake one manages to pull your beleive into himself and uses your beleifs for his personal gain.
    Within everyone is this kingdom, this kingdom has its “guards“. There you will find answers for your own life, you will find peace, you gotta be in ITS order to get to the kingdom, only if your intentions are pure the “guards“ let you in, It requires you not to be fake with yourself, In the physical realm we sometimes have to be fake to protect ourself and to protect others feelings. But to get to the kingdom you need to be pure as pure is to your ownself, dont cheat your own feelings, dont lie to yourself.
    Once you get to the kingdom then dont stir it too much, dont ask questions that has nothing to do with your own life, your curiosity of life will be answer by IT when the time for it comes, You gotta learn how to keep it in PEACE because the kingdom works the best for you when you know how to keep it in PEACE. You must learn how to RESPECT and PROTECT that Kingdom, Do not dirty the Palace by putting Illusions, Do not polute the Palace by putting a false prophet there. When you learn how to protect and keep it in PEACE then you will get IT, IT is called by so many names, Its called Light, Its called Conciousness, Its called Spirit, Its called Mother and for known reasons by the “others“ here I am not gonna say it is called the G word. I call It FLOW,
    This flow happens only when you know how to manage your ego, I must confess to you, managing ego is not easy for me but when I am honest to IT the flow comes, Its something you cannot force, It happens naturally, I know I will never be IT, but the flow is enough for me, I am not gonna question IT.
    WHEN YOU ARE HONEST TO IT, THE FLOW,LIGHT,GLOW, WILL COME FROM IT. Listen to what IT says, dont want it badly because it suppose to happen naturally,when you want it too bad then it wont happen because it doesnt want you to be attached even to IT. IT needs you to be indipendant in your thinking to KNOW its there
    Now let me tell you about the flow, the flow teaches you how to be in the world, its like a tree`s root which know which direction that makes it grow, you cannot be floating to have this flow, by floating i mean you cannot be flying or growing wings. Some people get the flow and they wanna keep it that way, and there is some reasons for it to be that way,they fell joy when they discover it, sometimes they wanna tell everyone, this is the process that you can notice from now on. you will see that some will answer and answer not knowing to themselves they are emptying themselves out to the world for the world to use this concepts as steps to the Kingdom. It is a natural process, this is happening even here, right here at your question. This is because they have discovered the Star of David. They are emptying themselves out because they are emptying the KINGDOM and when the KINGDOM is empty then it will be filled with PEACE and when you have Peace in the KINGDOM then you will SEE.
    When you feel the flow, you must, I know I shouldnt write the word must but I must tell you out of my experiance, You must chanell this flow so that it makes you grow and it makes others grow around you, Yes that flow comes from something which is formless but remember you are a human being so you got to chanell this flow so that it impacts your life the greatest and in that process it impacts others life around you.
    How do you chanell this FLOW ? This is gonna sound a little funny, but i invite you to search into this im gonna tell you, you are free to research about this, you are free to research anything

  11. Sometimes I just think it the external system of goods gone way out of balance to no longer support our basic daily life needs or spiritual needs, Consumerism , not that our communist models of past worked…Who’s got more on the inside?, on the external?
    …Just a different line of thinking…


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