If the scarecrow represented Socrates, then who did the others represent?

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Scarecrow was socrates, because he had no brain but wound up being very wise
it reminds me of socrates quote “I am only wise because I know nothing”
then if the scarecrow represents socrates
who do the Tin Man and the Cowardly Lion supposed to represent
the tin man might be Descartes

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dunno about the tin man,
but the Cowardly Lion represents Theodore Roosevelt, who started as a sickly, spindly, nearsighted fraidy-cat and went on to lead the Rough Riders in their charge up San Juan Hill.

Elisha B


Phoenix Quill

Obama & Biden


Id say the wicked witch was ann ran.


lol Plato and Aristotle…
Or perhaps Kant and Hegel
nice one

philosoraptor knows

Batman represents Teddy Roosevelt, the Joker represents Nero, and Harvy Dent represents Benedict Arnold.


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