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if the rasengan is jus spinning chakra in ur palm and doesnt require hand seals CAN ROCK LEE LEARN RASENGAN?

i mean the rasengan doent require hand signs so how come lee cnt learn it????


  1. Dude that is a good question but there are certain requirements
    1st: u have to use chakra to create rascangan
    2nd: u need to to manipulate nature, Then u have to be wind type
    i don’t think lee can manipulate nature
    but rock lee can use chakra for sure cuaz he can stand on water plus lee can use hidden lotus
    that mean he can use chakra

  2. No, because Lee isn’t wind type. And doesn’t he have no chakra at all?
    I never paid much attention to Lee, but I always thought he just couldn’t do anything with chakra period. So he can’t spin chakra if he can’t even manipulate it.

  3. maybe..maybe not
    he can use chakra, but you do not need to have nature manipulation. the first person is thinking of naruto’s jutsu that he created himself
    EDIT:when he opens the gates…thats him opening his gates that regulate the chakra flow within his body. remember when he entered the hidden lotus? duhhh!

  4. It doesn’t matter whether it’s wind or a regular rasengan. Lee can’t us anytype of ninjutsu techniques. His chakra system is messed up. yes it is chakra manipulation it’s a high level attack. I takes time to learn but for some reason Konohamaru learned it.

  5. he can use Chakra yes, but i highly doubt that he is a wind type, or that he has any affiliation at all to the elements. And even though he does have chakra remember that the rasengan uses huge amounts. There are only like three people that could use it. Naruto, Pervy Sage, and the fourth Hokage. And all three of these people have massive amounts of chakra, Pervy sgae is one of the legendary sanin. The fourth hokage was the one that sealed the nine-tailed fox, and naruto has the nine tailed fox inside him.
    So the possibility of lee using the Rasengan is very slim

  6. Im pretty sure everyone has chakra. But i dont think Rock Lee can really control his chakra so that he could do something as complicated as the rasengan. Remember, that technique is suppose to take years to master, even for those who can control their chakra and manipulate it. Also….like everyone else said, we dont know his element.
    But if you’re asking if Rock Lee could even be a candidate to learn the Rasengan despite the difficulty, i’d have to say no just because he cant use chakra based techniques.

  7. First and foremost, anyone who has payed close enough attention to the anime and/or manga knows that lee was cursed with the inability to use either ninjutsu or Genjutsu. So it shouldn’t even be a question unless he somehow got over his inability.
    Second, rock lee can use chakra as shown during his opening of the inner gates and walking on water and tree logs.
    Third, the base rasengan only requires chakra transforrmation to the highest possible point. It has nothing to do with the user’s nature affinity. Also, at the near end of several naruto movies, naruto was able to use either his surroundings, or aid from an ally to transform the rasengan without having to use his own nature affinity.
    If lee was able to use ninjutsu, then i’d say it would be very likely he could use the base rasengan. If he had the same determination to push himself with this training as he did with his physical taijutsu, then he could master it in a short amount of time, Almost in the same or less amount of time that naruto mastered it.


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