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If the mother loses consciousness and cannot wake up is that a reason to perform a c section?

I ask this purely out of curiousity.
Jeez! calm down I guess what I really want to know is if that has ever really happened nowadays.


  1. They would test the baby’s heartrate for stress, and if it was in stress they would perform an emergency c-section to try to save the baby. The mother going unconscious would probably be related to pregnancy to begin with, like pre-eclampsia.

  2. Loses consciousness during delivery or just an old time? Either way, unless the baby is stressed there is no reason to do a c-section. Child birth is generally driven by hormones and the mother’s body will deliver the baby whether she is conscious or not. However, if there is something more going on and the mother or child is in danger then a c-section would most likely be performed.

  3. Depends on how early it is in the pregnancy and why the mother is unconscious. If it’s early on and the mother is simply unconscious without loss of brain activity or heart failure/other circulatory failure than there’s nothing wrong just monitoring things and making sure the baby is still being adequetely nourished. However, if this happened during labor/delivery or from trauma/maternal death and the baby is viable- absolutely.

  4. If she’s in labor and passes out, then yes. I’m sure it’s happened, but I personally haven’t heard about it. Now you’ve got my curiosity going too… I’d like to read a story about it…

  5. Oh well if the baby is at the stage where it could have a chance to serve iout side. even if it is a small chance. Depends if they can get the mother awake again.

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