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If The Mind Is One…What Separates The Subconscious Mind From The Conscious Mind?


  1. Mind is less a physiological construct than a philosophical one. Inasmuch as we don’t know where the “mind” is located in the brain, it would be hard to delineate between the subconscious and the conscious.

  2. The mind itself. We don’t even know that there is a subconscious mind, that’s only what our minds tell us, that’s what it wants us to think. We’re always conscious of everything we do. We’re conscious of our “sub-conscious” actions, we just don’t realize. Therefore, it’s the difference between realization and comprehension of thoughts and actions and non realization of thoughts and actions. No action of thought or reality can take place without some conscious part of you taking notice.

  3. That is like asking “what separates the atoms in the rock from the rock that they make up?” The subconscious mind is a cause, a condition, that facilitates the emergence of a conscious mind. You must first have a foundation before you can build a house. If there were no subconscious, there would be no consciousness.
    It isn’t separate, it is on a lesser order, and far more subtle within the activity of the conscious mind. If you learn to still your mind and quite your internal dialogs and pay attention to what arises and falls away in your mind, you will begin to see the mechanisms of your own subconsciousness. But, just like movement in a pond clouds the water, you must be still to see with clarity. Hope this helps!

  4. The mind is not really one in the sense you are talking about. It is like saying the digestive system is one, yet it is made of different parts that have different purposes within that system. The mind is split to different functions just like most anything else in your body…! Or just like software in your computer. The Operating System is made up of many different little parts that function as a system.

  5. They are seperated by WHEN they are used – the subconscious works when the conscious mind is taking a nap…
    Maybe it’s really your mind’s “dream world” ;);););)
    Usually they are both working at the same time – but you are only aware of something your subconscious comes up with AFTER it tells the conscious part of your mind what is has found.
    For another analogy – think of the subconscious like a Firewall or Anti-virus program. These run in the background, trying to catch the things that the Operating System (the conscious mind) misses…

  6. separating point of conscious mind to subconscious mind is just our Lack of attention .. to where we have stored our past, which we have live…
    the Attention is the Dividing Line which separates subconscious from conscious… like RAM and the whole hard Disc…
    when you are interested in specific file. prog(Subconscious Mind) , you click (Attention)that icon and you recall it on display terminal (Conscious Mind)
    more trained your Attention is(RAM) , faster you get the recall , reactivation of subconsious (programme) on terminal(consious)
    Attention… Attention depends on your capacity developed by nourishing the attention and recall.. through various Tools….

  7. Time, the same reason we know the concept will, we know when we do and do not. All we need then is idea, and the subconscious and preconscious and unconscious are concepts for those functions which furnish the substance for idea. These functions are in confluence with one an other for their various duties and needs. Sleep opposes conscious will, but there too is time and choice and contingency, when to sleep. The need to know separates them, but that is only of the kind conceptual and contingent on need.

  8. The conscious is generally in control, and the subconscious takes over when the conscious steps aside,so to speak…during sleep, rest, recreation, or upon awakening.
    The SC mind is the keeper of memories…a storehouse of all you have sensed.
    The C mind is the keeper of reality.
    The C mind is logical…the SC mind is nonlogical.
    The C mind goes to sleep…the SC mind never sleeps.
    Conscious mental activity shuts down the subconscious.
    Our brains are just one of the very intricate and delicate mechanisms created in our bodies.
    I guess you could say sleep/rest separate them. I hope this answer is helpful.

  9. We are in the philosophy section again so i have to say something pithy like “temperance”.
    Remember, I ate chinese food, so pithy is in at least for another hour or so when the MSG wears off and I can answer with wreckless verbosity and a pension for sarcasm.
    Some would argue “reason” because the subconscious seems to function without any reason, or rather using no reason.
    I say temperance, because; it seems to hold the id, ego and superego, or reason, appetite, and spirited in check, (as the philosopher may be). Reason is not the only force in the mind, so; I don’t see it as the only separation between the conscious and the subconscious.
    Temperance as I believe it was used by Plato seemed to be aimed at controlling inspirations, instincts and reasoned thoughts. It is up to you to figure if you find those to be conscious or subconscious in nature.
    And as I sit here on television they are playing Big Brother and the houseguests are eating more Chinese food and talking about how you add the phrase “In Bed” to the end of your fortune in the fortune cookie. One person’s cookie read “You will take a long voyage over warm waters.”. Hmmm.

  10. “Mind” is not “one.” Some say that “consciousness” is one. They are defined as different things in philosophical systems. Indeed, your question is more relevant to psychology.
    The conscious mind is “wired” to maintain focus and attention so that a person can function in the objective world. The subconscious is the storehouse of experiences that then define conscious perception, behavior, personality, and motivation. The content of the subconscious for better or worse defines individual subjective conscious experience.


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