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If the majority of politicians cannot revive the economy, should we try a pagan witch doctor next?

A republican administration and majority could not revive the economy, a democratic administration and majority cannot revive the economy. Isn’t it time to just accept our economy for what it really is then elect a pagan witch doctor to revive the economy with incantation and prayer, maybe sprinkle on a few human sacrifices? Wouldn’t that be a higher probability strategy?


  1. I think you are looking more for Deep Southern American Folk Magic, or Hoodoo, which combines rootwork and superstition to fix economies.

  2. You assume that government bureaucrats can fix the economy and that assumption is false. Government creates more problems when it interferes with the market. If they wanted to fix it, they’d leave it alone and allow for all the debt and malinvestment to be liquidated.

  3. if we sacraficed failed CEOs it might work?
    but i dont think the economy isnt as bad as people say it is.
    but i didnt lose my job

  4. The government can’t prevent a needed correction in the economy. All the credit used by consumers was driving the economy, had to stop eventually.
    Just hope our government wakes up and looks at its own books soon.

  5. That would be just as ineffective as the application of Keynesian economics and the reliance on the high priests like Geither, Paulson, and Bernanke.


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