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If the existence of a Tachyon was proven,would that not also prove that we can travel through time?

For those of you who don’t know,search Tachyon through Yahoo.
If Tachyons exist,they do travel through time.It would serve I feel,to prove that someday we may be able to travel through time.


  1. Let say you could travel faster than light.
    How does this make one time travel? Yeah sure you can slow yourself down but how do you go back to something that already happened.
    I mean come on, you’re only traveling at the speed of light or a Tachyon.
    Lets say you step through a wormhole (also known as Abbreviated Space).
    And you get to the other side and build a telescope to see Earth.
    Well is that time travel?…no. you can only see the light that just got there.

  2. Some difficulties with that.
    1) Can we reduce a man to tachyons, and reconstruct him at the end of his trip? We’d have to build the receiver before we built the transmitter!
    2) Can we encode the information necessary to build a man into a tachyon’s energy states? Then we would send a duplicate of the man into the past! And the original man would have no knowledge of what his duplicate was doing! But there would still be the need to reconstruct the duplicate upon arrival in the past.
    3) Can we make a coherent image of tachyons…? This is the only way I can think of that we would be able to send a ‘whole’ person, instead of just a signal or a encrypted version.
    Suppose #3 works. Now, Can we be sure that the person (this one is also a duplicate) will stop at the right time in the past that we want him to…? maybe he will just keep on going forever into the past, until he hits the Big Bang. What will happen then…? Will he stop, die, or be reflected back into the forward direction of time…? is he still travelling at the same rate of change of time as we are…? If he is only going backward one hour per hour, he might seem to just stand still.
    I’m not trying to be a pest! I really like your questions. But, as you can see, I have had to do a lot of thinking about this, before….

  3. It is an axiom of the theory of relativity that nothing can travel faster than light. The existence of the tachyon would invalidate the theory of relativity whose consequences have been proven many times. So this would not prove that we can travel through time.

  4. This question implies that the tachyon violates causality. What if it does not? An example would be a negative-energy tachyon “sent” back in time; the Feinberg reinterpretation principle says that this is the same as a positive-energy tachyon being sent forward in time. Emission and absorption are the same for a tachyon, because the orientation of the worldline depends on frame of reference.
    As for humans travelling in time — we can’t convert humans into photons without killing them; I don’t know how you would turn them into tachyons.

  5. The existance of tachyons would not prove time travel.
    An earlier post said, “relativity that nothing can travel faster than light.” i would like to correct this. The general theory of relativity states that nothing can travel AT the speed of light. The existance of a tachyon particle, something that only exists at supreright speeds is still possible, however their existance is impossible to determine at this time as the interactions between sublight and superlight space cannot be detected yet. I believe there was a group from england that was working with quantum gravitics in order to hypothesize on the characteristics of the “superlight universe”.

  6. First of all, it is not an axiom of the relativity theory that nothing can travel faster than light. Using special relativity’s postulates we can define the light cone. What we can say about the three kinds of particles (subluminal -ordinary matter-,luminal -photon, graviton,…- ,superluminal) according to the theory is that a subluminal particle cannot reach the light cone or cross it. The reason is: (if I mention any kind of force as Information (i.e go faster!)) there is no way of sending the information faster than light (I must add that tachyons either do not exist or do not interact with subluminal matter).
    So if tachyons exist,they will only interact with luminal particles and themselves, so if their existance is proven, it would not change a thing about time travel of subluminal particles.

  7. Time, like space is a necessary abstraction and like space it does not exist independently of action. Space cannot have kinetic, structural or angular characteristics, else it is not space, but a medium of propagation, just like air is to sound. You cannot travel through time. There is no proof whatsoever that parallel universes exist. Just because you can mathematically invent 10-12 dimensions, that doesn’t mean that the physical world has more than 3. Like Bernhard Riemann said, mathematics and physics should be kept as separate departments. Also there is no such thing as manipulating time, slowing it down or speeding it up. Time is just moving from point A to point B, you don’t get less or more actions by contracting and dilating time. If a train moves at 5km/s on a distance of 1000km, if you dilate time by 5, the train will travel at a speed of 1km/s on a distance of 200km and if we contract time by 5, the train will move at a speed of 25km/s on a distance of 5000km. That’s what it’s all about. Relativity is not the theory of how thing are, but the theory of how things are perceived to be.


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