Home Discussion Forum If the Dalai Lama was to resign would he still be reincarnated?

If the Dalai Lama was to resign would he still be reincarnated?

If the Violent actions of the Tibetan people does not stop the dalai lama has threatened to resign.As he is known to his people to be a living god how can he do this.
I may have used inapropriate words to get my point across but what i have noticed is that most of the answer are intelligent and enlightening thank you all very much.


  1. uhm not sure considering i think all religion is man-made BS. So, if you live in the fantasy world that is religion, anything can happen.

  2. He can’t really stop being the Dhali Lama, but he can attain enlightenment, thereby breaking the reincarnation cycle and preventing his return.

  3. Dave this man irritates me. He does not seem humble or caring.
    I do want to add that when watching the violence in Tibet I felt very sad for the people. Seeing innocent monks beat broke my heart. I do not believe in The Dalai Lama but the people that serve him in Tibet appear to so gentle and kind. They have my prayers. China should be stopped. If Tibet dies something quite special in our world will be gone forever.

  4. he would be the first to tell you that he’s just a simple monk. buddha was just a man by the way.
    i’m buddhist by the way.

  5. He could step down, but it does not matter. Those who are loyal to him will remain that way, those that are against him will remain against him.

  6. I think that he will not be ‘reincarnated’. A ‘living god’ does not mean that he is worshipped but honoured as the Dalai Lama. You need to study Eastern religions and philosophies.

  7. He can’t stop being the reincarnation of all those other people, but presumably that soul can resign his role in the religious hierarchy for a while.

  8. He can only resign as the political leader not the spiritual leader.
    He was born into being the spiritual leader.

  9. I did not hear this and as a matter of history it would be unheard of.
    Yes he would still be re-incarnated. Being re-incarnated is the Tibetan Buddhist belief and has nothing to do with his position.
    The Dali-Lama position would be filled by the Pali-Lama who is in authority in Tibet right now. Unfortunately the real Pali-Lama was murdered by the Chinese and his position was replaced by someone they claimed to be the Pali-Lama. The Pali-Lama was believed already to have re-incarnated and is also living in exile. They Pali-Lama is next in line always to the Dali-Lama and also is re-incarnated into this position.
    Now to answer your question if the Dali-Lama resigned he would fulfill Tibetan prophecy by being the last time the Dali-Lama would be re-incarnated and being the 14 he is suppose to be the last one before the end. Supposedly after this incarnation he will attain enlightenment and not return, it is also suppose to be the end of the Tibetan civilization according to their prophecies.

  10. First, let me say this, there NO living gods on this earth now only one has ever occipied here, JESUS CHRIST. HE is now in heaven. 2ND. the dalai lama eill have to take the same route as every else.

  11. The Dalai lama on the 18th march reiterated a statement made more than15yrs ago to the press. If the majority of the Tibetan people continued to resort to violence, he would ‘Resign as The Tibetan People’s Spokesperson. (He Did Not Say He Would Resign from being the Dalai lama.)
    Please have a look at latest news releases on his website.
    He also asked the media not to quote him out of context.
    may all beings have the causes for peace and happiness

  12. The world has stood by since 1959 doing nothing for fear of upsetting the despotic chinese hierarchy scum. vermin who have attained there positions with murder and oppression. what else is left for the Tibetan peoples? Should they stand by and become ethnically cleansed by the scum chinese?
    His Holiness The Dalai Lama is a great and wonderful man. The world should get off it’s ass and support Tibet. Withdraw from the games. and refuse to participate.This would scare the chinese more than anything. money is all they think of and prestige. They are scum and cowards. answer if you dare china……


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