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If the Dalai Lama is so great why did he run away from the chinese?

Imagine how christianity would be if jesus ran away from the romans


  1. And a dead person is always useful (twirls pointing hands in gameshow ‘family fortunes’ fashion) BECAUSE…?
    And yes he is the leader of the tibetan government in exile,
    1) someones already done the dying for sins bit,
    1.5) chinese troopers kind of eradicated options when they ordered surrender of dominion to china in 1951
    2) After declaring the panchen lama, the 6 year old and his family VANISHED. Then china found the ‘real’ panchen who’s reclusive and has chinese government workers for parents…
    3) in a peaceful anti-communism demo in 1949 three monastries razed by shelling, 86000 murdered. Any takers?…

  2. He evidently was smarter than Jesus. Jesus lived a long time ago, when people didn’t even know what the sun and stars were, and they stoned each other to death for not observing the sabbath. The Dalai Lama lives in a more enlightened age. Maybe he would have stayed if he thought his followers would eat his flesh and drink his blood for the next 2000 yrs.

  3. You are kidding. Please tell me you are kidding. He was exiled, he never ran away. Not to mention that he stills work for The liberation of the Tibet.

  4. Pode você ajudar-me que meu peixe tem os paws e não gosta de coisas do metal, minha esposa gosta do metal assim que faz o cão, tharg do ver do splundig de Bifidous
    romans not have guns or satalightt track

  5. He IS great.
    He just happened to be exiled.
    You can’t compare the Dalai Lama to Jesus…it’s not the same.

  6. Jesus came to die, that was his purpose and goal. The Dalai Lama is not comparable to Jesus to the Buddhists, he is the leader both spiritually and politically of Tibet, but not a god. Had he stayed he would have been murdered along with countless other buddhist monks. He left Tibet with the other monks so he could live to fight the Chinese with international help, staying would have been suicide. and would not have accomplished anything.

  7. Oh My Effen God! You Christians will reach out for anything wont you? Desperate man…so desperate. I almost feel like praying for you!
    Jesus didnt exist. The Dalai Lama does.

  8. He was FORCED by communist China, to either go to prison,
    to Exile.
    Which one you,d choose?
    I think, he can do much more for his country from Switzerland, then from communist prison.

  9. Well let’s be fair. They have tanks, and if the infallible Bible says (and it does trust me) that Jehovah himself could not drive out the people of the valley because of their iron chariots, what chance does a mere incarnation of a Buddha have at driving out iron chariots with cannons and machine guns on top?

  10. Well Jesus had apparently an almighty god as a father.
    Buddist like the Dalai Lama is not a God based religion
    Also it is human nature that if you have a billion odd soldiers that wanna kill you for being racists then you sort if run not stand around
    He is a person that keeps the religion alive and enlightens people and gives hope, not a God

  11. The Dalai Lama is not a god, and being executed by the Chinese wouldn’t help his people. According to his beliefs dying would be an inconvenience because he would have to be reincarnated again and then grow up again, before he could continue to lead his people.

  12. You’re comparing a real person (the Dalai Lama) with a fictional character (Jesus). There’s no comparison.

  13. he is simply distancing himself from the radical lefty movement in Tibet… he is distancing himself from conflict, so he isn’t seen as advocating violence.
    if you don’t understand something why don’t you read into it VS. casting judgment on something that you don’t grasp…
    btw doesn’t God frown on passing judgment?

  14. you do know the Dalai is not the pope or anything Just a Man, he realised he would of been of better use to his people alive rather than dead

  15. Because he knows that the Chinese Communist regime will end before he leaves the human world. Falun Gong, Tibetans, other Buddhists, and Christians have been persecuted in China. The most offensive human right violation is the organ harvesting from the Falun Gong practitioners in China.
    In the Eastern religion, the Buddhas and Bodhisattva do not want to be killed by a human as to prevent a killer from getting karma.
    At last, if I were the Dalai Lama’s student, I’ll not let the killing occur to my master.

  16. I am a top contributor in the China section of yahoo answers and know what sort of hatred chinese communists are having against Dalai Lama, spreading every possible lie and propoganda against him. Had he been around, they would have surely killed him. He can do a lot while he is alive.
    Gyeltsab Je definately has a point. Exile has been a boon in disguise for Buddhism. Indeed Dalai Lama is no longer restricted to a Buddhist teacher, he has become a teacher for the whole human civilisation.

  17. If jesus ran away from the Romans, I suppose Jesus would have lived longer, probably around a century year old, and would have probably written parts of the bible himself, Christianity would have had less denominations and more credibility.
    Jesus did run, only that he didn’t know where to go, he usually hid in people’s houses pretending to have meal with them. But sometimes he’d also go to mountains. Dalai lama is way smarter than that.

  18. ….. so hard to answer skillfully to this question.
    I’m mindful that you probably don’t know much about Buddhism beyond the first wikipedia page (please correct me if I’m wrong). If we are to discuss this in detail you should read up a little bit about the many traditions and schools in Buddhism. Then we can have a nice chat and a cup of tea 🙂

  19. The Dalai Lama didn’t found a religion – the Buddha did it about 2500 years ago (500 years before Jesus was born). The Buddha didn’t run away from anyone, but still he managed to live for 40 years and preach his religion much more clearly and profoundly than Jesus could during his short career.
    The Dalai Lama tried for 9 years to help his people in Tibet without leaving the country. Unfortunately, the Chinese stopped all his efforts and not even let him make social reforms for his people. After 9 years he got ample evidence the Chinese had plans for killing him, so almost everyone (his advisors, his government, his people) told him to flee from the Chinese. Actually, already the day after he secretly left his home in Lhasa, before the Chinese knew he was gone, several rockets exploded in the building, severly damaging it.
    As things fell out, more than 100,000 Tibetans followed him in exile, and thanks to that, great parts of the Tibetan Buddhism was preserved in exile, as regards Buddhist texts, leading Buddhist teachers, the great monastic universities that were reorganized in India, and so on. Also secular Tibetan culture, like music, dance, food, clothes, stories and art have been preserved in exile.
    Thanks to the exile, Tibetan Buddhism has since then also become a world religion, with many tens of thousands of followers all around the Western world (Europe, America, Australia) and Asia (Singapore, Taiwan, Japan, Malaysia, India, Nepal, Israel etc), and millions of people profoundly touched and inspired by his teachings worldwide.
    At the same time, Tibet, the Tibetans and the Tibetan culture met a disaster home in Tibet (and surrounding provinces of China). Around 6000 monasteries were levelled to the ground (leaving 8 monasteries in function), the Buddhist paintings, statues and scriptures were systematically destroyed, monks and nuns were forced to disrobe and mock their own religion, hundreds of thousands of Tibetans were imprisoned, tortured and killed, especially monks and nuns. The Chinese Culture Revolution (which was also a devastating blow to traditional Chinese culture) almost wiped the Tibetan culture away from the map.
    The Tibetan people, however, proved to be a tough race. Nothing could erase their memory and cultural feelings, nothing could make them forget or denounce the Dalai Lama or revering the Buddha and his teachings, nothing could stop the Lamas, yogis, monks and nuns from practicing their religion (even without texts, religious objects, temples, monasteries, robes and communities) – even in prison, under torture and mockery, they relentlessly continued to practice compassion, patience, wisdom, meditation, the will to help all sentient beings to be free from suffering.
    Thanks to the Dalai Lama and his efforts, the Tibetan community in exile growed to a very vital, productive and democratically organized exile community, where the full flowering of the Buddhist teaching and practices were reorganized, as well as the language, culture and self-esteem of the Tibetan people. Every year, a couple of thousands Tibetans, under threat to their lives, leave Tibet on foot over the Himalayas to get a traditional Tibetan monastic education in India, or just to get freedom to live their lives as true Tibetans. The Dalai Lama and his generous work for the exile community is an enormous inspiration and hope-giver for the Tibetans left home in Tibet, hoping for his return to his own country as soon as possible.
    Staying home in Tibet, he would have been dead and an almost forgotten paranthesis in the history of Buddhism and Tibet, but instead he has helped both the Tibetans and millions of people all around the way through his tremendous teachings, inspiration and his message of peace, dialogue and compassion. This worldwide spread of Tibetan Buddhism would probably never have happened without the exile of the Tibetans and the Dalai Lama.
    I could also mention he is the spiritual leader not only of the Tibetan (and the Western converts), but also of the Mongolians, the Buryat, Tuvanese and Kalmucks in Russia, the Ladakhi, Sikkimese and Darjeelingese in India, the Sherpas and Tibetans in Nepal, the Bhutanese and some other smaller groups, and those people he has had a much better possibility to help in exile than he would have had staying in Tibet (even if he would have miraculously survived there). As things turned out, he has made numerous travels around Asia to help several of those peoples build up Buddhism again after more than half a century of Soviet (and similar in Mongolia) oppression of religious activities.

  20. things happen coz u want them to. we make living by what we get and we make life by what we give.we hate others coz they r great which is of no use at all when we die. Treat others as u want urself to be treated by others.thats the way of living.hate others ,they hate u too n love others they love u too.


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