If the church is supposed to be the symbol of all that is good and holy….?

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Why do they hire bitter old demonic hags to be their wedding coordinators?

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Father K â„¢

I…am the only “wedding planner” that I allow. It’s simple, it’s direct and it works!

The Knack

you’ve had that experience too? Better yet, why do they cover up for known Child RAPIST’s over and over and over?


Just to give you something to complain about…hey when you become, in your words, and you will, an hag, you can volunteer to be a wedding coordinator.


I thought Jennifer Lopez seemed quite pretty as a wedding co-ordinator/planner.
Seriously it so that the guys get second thoughts and don’t just marry for the potential sex (which never materializes as much as anticipated, honest – single guys get more than married, I’m sure).


HAHA! Ironic. I like old grouchy people. It’s just fun to listen to them bicker.


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