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If the children more than 10 years wet beds,is it related to their subconscious in sleep as some talk.?

i want to confirm from psychologists that the behaviours in the sleep ,which other ppl watch(when the person doesn’t know) is only related to their mind.Is there chances of some medical reasons as blood pressure patients have fits when they have highest BP.


  1. it could be a past trauma causing it or it could be that the bladder is growing slower then it should, when it is the bladder usually around age 12 it catches up
    but only a doctor can tell you which one it is

  2. it depends on exactly what you are asking??? children wetting their beds could be a sign of anything……and need s to medical attention.AS for ppl,whom suffer from fits or suzuires they can wet them selfs as they loose control of all their body functions at the same time blood pressure has very little to do with it it is a underling issue within the brain chemicals and the person looses any control.If your children are having fits you need to take them to have a brain scan to make sure all is ok.
    Also as others have said the childs environment can have a lot to do wit what is currently effecting them in the past or present.take notes of the answers that have been given and see what fits your situation and seek medical advice above all dont pressure your children to not wt the bed take it as it comes making no fuss about it better that way for the child.However if your child is having fits then this needs to be addressed by a medical person good luck to you and your child…

  3. My son was a bedwetter till the age of 8. I took him to all the so-called experts – without any benefit.
    I happened upon an advertisement from my local hospital for a bedwetting program for children. It was run by psychiatrists.
    I took him there. He was put on a very low dose of Tofranil, and in 2 weeks his bedwetting stopped!
    So many dopey years wasted. It wasn’t any psychological reasons invovled also.
    Go see a psychiatrist and require about the possibility of medication curing the problem.


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