If the Bible is the only way, then why does it only refer to specific areas of the globe?





Aside from condemning Egypt, the Bible itself mostly took place in the Middle East, specifically Isreal and Judiasm, never a mention of Europe, East-Asia, North America, so if (some) people believe that the Christian faith is the only superior faith, then how about people who have lived centuries, even thousands of years with their own practices (Buddhism, Hindu, African/Native Shamanism, etc…) and not knowing what Christianity was until missionaries came over, what’s to say of their ancestors?
Also, a lot of these self-righteous Christians only seem to believe God only loves America and that everyone else is bad. Wouldn’t God be able to see two sides of every story?
I’m not trying to condemn Christianity nor Americans (since I AM American anyways…), but I’m just looking to get a perspective on these questions.
A lot of indigenous cultures, which had shamanism, voodoo (and no not the evil kind), and even various Pagan traditions in northern europe are viewed as “Satanic” by modern Christians.
Why would the supreme God only favor the Isrealites but yet create other continents and give life to other peoples? That’s the inconsistency I’m NOT getting here. Unless I’m no good just because I’m no Isrealite


  1. Very good observation.
    Each ethnic group in ancient time might have her own God.
    Different Gods have lived among ethnic groups in different times in different places.
    Jesus is well know because its faith is exported and imposed by the Western power to other people. For example, the British sent soldiers to America along with missioneries.
    Buddhism, on the other hands, was not imposed on other ethnic groups. Rather Buddhism was imported to China when a Chinese monk travelled through the Silk Road to Indian to acquire Buddha Scripture.
    Taoist belief started years ago in China but its spread limited to mostly Asia.
    However, Taoism, Buddhism and Chritianism has survived a few thousand of years.
    One similarity is that the religions draw persecution from evil empire. Tibetan Buddhism monks, Falun Gong disciples, and underground churches were persecuted in China.
    In other similiarities, Christian has prophecy about the Judgement Day. Buddhisms has prophecy about the Blossoming of Udumbara Flowers, sign of the coming of the noble King.
    Not relating to Buhhism, Falun Gong is a sect in the Buhhda Schools. Falun Gong is based upon the universal principals of Truthfulness, Compassion, and Tolerance.

  2. If you serach for God, he will find you.
    I can’t remember quite where but this comes from the bible and I believe it. Now days, most people will have access to the bible and Christianity, however it hasn’t always been that way. What has been consistant is human nature. It is in the human nature to search for answers, to seek God in whatever they have available. I believe that any one from any culture in history who have searched for God and followed him, even if they didn’t know at the time exactly who he was, is considered saved and has their place in heaven. There are a lot of Christians who believe this, but it is important not to mistake this for the belief that God can be found in all religions. God has made himself available but not through different religions, simply through being him.
    The bible only refers to specific areas because those are the areas of importance to the authors of the bible. The Old Testement, as well as being a religious book is also the Israelites history book and therefore takes place where the Israelites were. The New Testement is about the life and teachings of Jesus and then his apostles, and the growth of the Church. Therefore it is set where all of this was taking place. It is not purposly excluding the rest of the world, it is simply recording history from a certain place for a certain religion.
    The bible also says that the bible and it’s message are for everyone, Jew or Gentile, male or female, rich or poor. Very few Christians believe that God only loves America. The group that believes this is a very small minority that, unfortunatly, gets a lot of publicity. However this is not the message of the bible, nor is it the belief of most Christians. There are Christians all over the world, on every continent, of every race, speaking every language. The bible teaches us that in the eyes of God, all are equal. I am always surprised how people can get the message of favouritism from the bible. Jesus was a Jew, yet the groups who hold these extremist beliefs usually hate Jews and see them as the offspring of Cain, the first murderer. This was the belief of the Nazis, the Klu Klux Klan and yet it is nowhere in the bible. The sad thing is that these people get the publicity, not the millions of Christians who hold to the true teaching of the bible. The two greatest commandments in the New Testement are, “Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul and mind,” and,” Love your neighbor as yourself”. How can these been seen as messages of hate?

  3. its everywhere … he speaks to us through the
    Bible .. nature … your consicence … through people … media … and supernatural occurings ..
    Im quite sure his word has reached each country right from the start !!
    Righteous people of God have always lived among indians ,africans etc… throughout the centuries..

  4. the truth is, the authors of the bible did not know about those other cultures. which is one of the reasons why i do not believe in a personal jesus. point is, god being omniscient and all, logically would have revealed himself to everyone in existence, thus ending such inhumane practices of slavery, human/animal sacrifice, bodily mutilation, etc. since he did not, i have no reason to believe he exists at all.

  5. The Bible states there will be a resurrection of the righteous and the unrighteous. I would assume the unrighteous are those that did not know the right way to him through no fault of their own. As for the Bible’s history not taking place in the continents and countries you named, you have to remember that civilization began in the areas of the Middle East and Africa. The Old Testement God chose Israel as he chosen people. The New Testement, Jesus detailed that the new “Isreal” was no longer the Jews, but was comprised of Gentiles as well. Some of the apostles and Bible writers in the New Testement travelled extensively, at least for that time.

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