If the all return to the one where does the one return to?

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This is a very old Zen Koan, to return to the one is alright but still that’s only half way. : )

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The all


why r u worried ?
u have a one way ticket


To the beginning, for it is only as we trace the path again that we see what was unseen on our first journey.
Think also on the words of Buddha – “Each day we are born again to start our life anew. What we do today is what matters most”

i am Sirius

If we agree through the limitations of language that the we all return to the One, using the same limitational language the One has never left Its Infinity and Eternality. This may not address what you are going for, but it is what came to me. Again, it all comes down to our inability to “describe” the Undescribable using third dimensional language.
i have lovely ice crystals on my porch in the darkness before this day’s dawn.
i am Sirius

Unity in Diversity

returning to the one still implies that there is two or many. the one returns into that which cannot be quantified, that which is, in which the all and the one happen, the womb of creation in which all happens, there is not even a returning into that, for that is all there is and all and the one is an expression of it, happens in it and is it at the same time.


The One is there already, we have to return to Him.


If one is moving in a circle in one direction only, one will be making only circles, and there is no question of return. Everything in the universe is in Chakram like Samsara Chakram, Kala Chakram, Sree Chakram, Sudarsana Chakram like that all are in round or circular shape.


The One who was rich, beyond all knowing, came from the One and Only, and returned to that One. Read that in John’s gospel, chapter 13 verse 3 if you care to ponder afresh.

andrew a

Ecclesiastes 3:20 “All go unto one place; all are of the dust, and all turn to dust again.”


the “one” returns to the “ONE”… in the sense that: all returns to one, then one returns to all, then all returns to one again, one returns to all again, all returns to one, one to all, to one… and that continuous unending process is what makes up the ONE.




I do not think that we have ever left The One, or The One us. This is the true journey….. to discover.
We are One, and have never been anything other than One. I AM God and God is ME, and WE are One. He is my every breath, heart beat and life itself. It was, IS and shall ever be….. This is Self-Realization.
I am, of course, referring to my eternal spirit.




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