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If telepathy exist is always the sixth chakra receivin or in some people this is the seventh one?

where their identity is.


  1. See people, this is what I mean about what mystical thinking can do to a person. Do you believe me now?
    Your identity is in your cerebral cortex, not in any “chakra”.

  2. Chakras are a belief based on ancient eastern philosophy.
    Telepathy is not a word from that era. If you want to know more about telepathy, do some searches about it and also if you want to know more about chakras, there is plenty of info on the internet. Research and learn.

  3. Telepathy does not exist.
    People who are delusional often believe they are transmitting their thoughts to others, like a radio. Or that others are reading their minds, as if their minds were an open book. It is a very common delusion.
    Scientists have performed studies in labs for years and found there is no such thing as telepathy, telekinesis, etc.

  4. That’s like asking, “If ice cream is cold should I vote for Clinton or Obama?”
    I see no reason why one imagined belief should overlap another.

  5. There are 6 major chakras and a number of minor chakras. The major chakras are the base, sacral, solar plexis, heart, throat, and the crown (on top of your head). When you speak of the 7th chakra, you’re probably talking about the Ajna which is sometimes considered the 3rd eye. This is an energy point in the center of your forhead just above your eye brows.
    Telepathy is a skill that is not related to any specific chakra. In much of the literature, people who have psychic powers are often shown with a third eye where the Ajna is. The implication of this type of image is that the Ajna is open an active, which provides an integration of the energies from the major chakras in the body. Some one who has activity in their Ajna is likely more aware of the energy that is flowing in their own body, and they may have additional spirtual awareness of other energies around them, including other people.
    Increased energy awareness can result in a greater ability to percieve the world and an increased awareness of the activity in the world. This increased awareness can provide an avenue for developing greater sensitivity to others and that may lead to empathetic awareness where a person is able to percieve feelings and emotions that may or may not be physically expressed. This is often considered the 6th sense.
    None of this is specifically related to telepathy which is a transfer of thoughts from one person to another, though it can be helpful in developing telepathy. One of the main skills involved in telepathy is not only percieving another person’s thoughts or feelings, but, more importantly, interpreting those thoughts or feelings. That is not achieved directly by a chakra, but is either a natural or a learned skill that is enhanced with practice.
    So, to answer your question directly, there is much more involved with telepathy than just an energy transfer. In addition, energy transfer from one person to another can be, and often happens, through multiple chakras and sometimes all of them. I hope this information is helpful.

  6. Telepathy does exist. I experience it every day. There is no denying it. The only reason a person would claim that it doesn’t exists, is because they’re not tapped into it themselves.

  7. Telepathy does exist. I experience it every day. There is no denying it. The only reason a person would claim that it doesn’t exist, is because they’re not tapped into it themselves.

  8. nooo way. you don;t know nothing about chakras.
    An organ in the human body works by its electricity, the electricity he is producing and using it to function properly.Of course there are some organs like the heart which has bigger electric field that covers certain area.Even that science showed that brain had more electric power in the past, recent studies show the contrary. the heart is the most powerful energetic organ.
    so these organs are just organs. not chakras as someone say so. these organs produce electromagnetic field, that electromagnetic field is what we call in hindu a Chakra. we have got physical body (physical heart-the one the surgery can see on his table) consceousness and esoteric body (heart chakra (electromagnetic waves of the heart) ). so heart and heart chakra are 2 different things. Heart chakra is energy-EM of ones heart.
    6chakra is located inside oss frontalis between the end of themporalis. it refers to pinneal gland. this gland controls our vision,our memory,our focus….. the gland… but this gland’s electricity is called – Ajna Chakra or Third Eye Chakra. Because if you work with this ajna chakra you will achieve telepathy.of course if you live 5 or more years in a house or in a cave somewhere out the cities and the civilizations , meditating all day and night with excercises and so on. it is very hard work. but if you work sometimes after work on ajna chakra it will help you be more cleverer,smarter,more inteligent,accurate,focused,concetrated. because when you work with this chakra you stimulate more electricity to the pinneal gland by various precious stones that have electricity conducting metals too like gold and silver,, or by chanting, by reading a lot, memorising a lot, meditatin. that will increase the electricity in the pinneal gland (maybe the other glands near them) and the pinneal gland could finally produce the sacred hormone dymethyltryptamine DMT which whill allow you to enter in the magic world . your WILL FEEL A PULSE on your forehead just up betwen the eyes…That is the pulse showing the pinneal gland is activated.You should now organise that energy that is coming to you, use it to learn things and advance in the upper levels and gain more skills until you can try your first telepathy. if anyone uses telepathy without enough knowledge and practice of course he will have a bad experience and maybe won’t even believe in such things because of dissapointment. telepathy will lose its value in your eyes and in the eyes of the world. write back if you want help or maybe links you can find what you are looking for. peace be upon you.

    • Hello, I am looking for more of your knowledge on unblocking the pinneal gland. If you receive this message please respond thank you


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