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If telepathy could be explained scientifically would it still be known as spiritual?

Theres all kinds of High frequency radio waves that we can’t see but we deal with through out our daily lives. The radio (of course), The TV is a high frequency wave transmitted by your local TV station and this is constant.. Now it is also said that an MRI can read radio waves from your brain.. heres some info on that if you didnt know..
so if the brain can transmit radio waves when its wrapped in a magnetic field then do you think scientific ideas of telepathy are not to far down the line? If telepathy is proven possible will it still be considered spiritual, esoteric, and ridiculed? Can people who hear people talking in their head just in tune to higher frequencies? Are dreams and hallucinations a type of radio wave you are in tune with? I mean technically if the brain can produce radio waves then it seems possible to store information on that radio wave like a TV frequency and transmit the signal to whatever your are in tune with.. radio waves travel to what it’s in tune with.. Just some ideas from a free thinker.. love to hear what you think..
So if Jesus transmitted a Radio wave signal to your brain is that technology or spirituality? just a thought..


  1. No
    If something has a natural explanation – as most things eventually do – you can’t consider it as supernatural or “spiritual” (whatever tf that means)
    However, you’d need to provide proper evidence of telepathy first

  2. Yes because things of the spirit eventually will be measured. We just don’t have the tools yet.
    ETA: I am shocked that so many Americans do not know what spiritual means. “Of the spirit”. There you go!! (Now they gonna ask where is the spirit!?) *rolls eyes* D’oh!

  3. Hi Erik! Never the twain shall meet, no matter what science does, it will never disprove the existence of God!.. Its the constant problem of the chicken and the Egg, which came first.I would say that the chicken was made with the egg within:) and the rooster came next:). Telepathy is the tranmission of thought to another person but I see no connection with spiritualism which is the belief in spirits and their activities. Dreams can also be caused by a horrible diet of say beans plus acute gastritis and a body reaction to some agony during the day, say you see your husband with another woman, and your dreams of having revenge where you face them both, or see him with several other friends of yours, and its really how you feel about it that generates dreams. But the brain having radio waves (mainly input through stimuli which the brain has been trained to recognise by say education) yes, in that you may have some material, because it links with telepathy both of which are brain oriented. I would tend to disassociate the brain from the other functions, therefore no, brain and telepathy are not spiritual because spiritual reality is what the heart feels while the brain kills what the heart can feel. Spiritual is of the senses, while the functions of the brain can be scientifically proven:)..

  4. interesting question. some people (like me) would still consider it spiritual because i don’t disassociate spiritual and natural things, i consider them connected. however, those who look at things from a natural perspective would certainly look at it as purely a natural phenomenon. i really don’t think a discovery like this would change the minds of either side too much.

  5. First you’d have to produce evidence. Repeatable tests are a good way.
    This would produce the grounds on which a research may be conducted.
    We already did tests before.
    Many at that.
    Should suddenly evidence be presented after all this time, sure.
    If it was scientifically explainable, it would be simple biology. A neurological phenomenon.
    And when we have explained how it works, we could make a artificial transmitter or receiver.
    Should you receive a message from Jesus, we could triangulate his position and have the derange person committed to a psych ward (unless he runs away across the sea, I’m sure that would make everybody else think twice).
    But I think we’ll have brain plug-ins for telepathy before real evidence is offered.

  6. I never separate spiritual from nature and science and telepathy can exist without a phisical support i mean radio wave .I beleive telepathy is a non materiel part of us.

  7. Not really! Mental telepathy is nothing new to the Australian Aborigines as they have been using it for centuries to Contact each other over vast distances. Whilst we don’t know how they do it or even understand this ability, we do know that it is a real means of communication for them. it is certainly not considered to be done on a spiritual basis but rather through an inbuilt ability that they possess.

  8. No, it would still be somewhere in the spectrum ranging from imaginary delusions to unexplained mental illness. Our brains ‘transmissions’ are all chemical, travel along axons, neurons and dendrites, and are NOT ‘wireless’. Besides, we have no protruding antennae to transmit anything in our skulls anywhere else.
    But we will soon achieve the similar result, when we learn to interface cell phone SIM cards and other chips into our brains. Then we will begin our new lives as BORG.


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