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If technology permitted, would you rather have your consciousness transferred to a computer, or accept death?

Lets say the technology existed, allowing reality to be simulated by computer simulation indistinguishable from “true” reality, allowing you to upload your consciousness into this computer.. It’s universe would have the same laws of physics, and you would be born as a baby, with no memory of the external reality.. Once your simulated physical body dies, you start over, and the process is repeated..forever. Would you go through with this? Or would you accept death as the end? (If you were forced to choose between the two)


  1. Computer, maybe sometime in the future they can develop androids and transfer it to one of those bodies.
    Robot sex here I come!

  2. Sounds great, count me in.
    However, without the memory loss thing.
    If you lose your previous memory, you may as well be dead since you effectively cease to exist as “you”…

  3. Accept death. My mortality doesn’t bother me. Besides, the technology that would reqire would lose the essence of personality and memory. If they can’t do it to Data properly on Star Trek, they aren’t doing it to me.

  4. Who’s to say this isn’t happening now?
    And given the choice between perpetual resurrection and the *chance* of eternal salvation/chance of oblivion I think i would go with reincarnation every time. My life is pretty good. i would happily do it all again.
    Did you ever read the “Otherworld” series by Tad Williams? It explores this exact issue. Rich people creating a virtual world(s) in which they would download their consciousness. Only difference is they get to shape their chosen worlds and give themselves a different set of physics to play with – such as becoming a ruler of ancient egypt with god like powers.

  5. what? what will happen to our emotions? the emotions are bio-chemicals only found in our brain, if we could transfer that , sure why not…

  6. Out of those two, I’d choose death. It’s not like I would remember my previous life, so it would be pointless to be uploaded into the computer.
    Now being a brain in a jar, that sounds much more interesting.


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