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If Sun and Moon are friendly in Astrology then plz answer this question?

If Sun and Moon are friendly in Astrology,does that mean a person born on 2nd August would have good fortune?What I mean to say is that we all know that Sun and Moon are friendly in Astrology.And that the Zodiac Sign of Leo is governed by Sun.And that Number 2 represents the moon.So a person born on 2nd August,would the combination of the Sun and Moon prove good fortune for this person.I hope i made my self clear.


  1. Wrong forum. This place is to ask questions about Astronomy (the Science), not astrology, the quack stuff some weirdos believe in.

  2. The sun and moon AREN’T friendly. They’re uncaring lumps of matter that make the sky interesting. Astrology is Bullshit, please ask Astrology questions under that section, instead of Math and Science.

  3. that does not mean that the person born on 2nd august will have good fortune.
    Fortune is seen by the strength of 9th house using placement of 9th lord and planets positioned in the 9th house.
    IF the 9th house is occupied by a malefic planet like ascending node, saturn or an enemy planet then there are obstacles faced.
    If the 9th lord is combust or placed in enemy sign in 6, 8, 12 then the luck does not shine in native place and the person has to move overseas for fortune to shine.
    This 9th house and the placements can only be arrived at using date month year time and place of birth.
    The astrologer uses this date to create the natal chart along with the ascendant from which the 9th house is calculated.
    There are 12 house which represent different things in life, like the 10th house rules career and if afflicted gives problem in work , 5th house affliction give problem in education and progeny and so on.

  4. It means you are a clueless, gullible person
    Belief in Astrology means you are gullible.
    Asking this question in the ASTRONOMY section means you are clueless (otherwise you should know there is a difference between Astrology and Astronomy.


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