Sunday, September 26, 2021

If someone won every single major Martial Arts tournament, including MMA using only Tai Chi?

Would that be
A) Incredibly hilarious
B) Incredibly sad on the part of everyone else
C) Totally tool
D) All of the above
tool – cool


  1. C) Totally Cool, did you ever see Enter the Dragon or Bloodsport? Bolo Yeung, the huge scary looking guy, he uses Tai Chi. I like to see anybody mock Tai Chi with him around.

  2. D-
    Bolo Yeung by the way was also a competitive powerlifter/bodybuilder, and he practiced wing chun.
    I’m not dismissing tai chi as a martial art, it does work. However, to win an MMA tournament you also have to be skilled in grappling.

  3. Possible but improbable. Taichichuan violates certain MMA rules such as using breaks that are too fast, and throws which could seriously debilitate an opponent, as well as trikes to “illegal” areas such as throat, groin, neck, spine, ect. in the styles that include striking.
    So while it would be cool the rules prevent it and also the fact that Taichichuan has such a huge learning curve the fighter would have to be very old or have trained in tai chi every day of their natural life from a very young age until they were 30.


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