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If someone with the gift of clairvoyance tells you someone close to you will be killed in a car crash….?

How would you take it?
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  1. I would honestly freak out, I hope this didn’t happen to you

  2. I’d be very upset that they said that. But the future is not for us to see, and that kind of thing is fake for the most part, so I’d yell at them for telling me bad things.

  3. I would try to change fate but that may prove disastrous. It would be awful to know either way. Kind of like knowing the time of your own death. Living with that knowledge would either destroy all joy in life or cause a person to try to live an entire life in what time they have life thus missing the really important things in life.

  4. First, I’d totally believe them. After that I would go on living but with a bit more caution. I would really pay attention to what’s in my peripheral vision.

  5. I really try to be a cautious driver and try to keep an eye on things when I’m out and about. Other than that I’d try to prevent it if I could but things are gonna happen as it is part of life.

  6. I would make a comment on how bad other drivers were. How careful you need to be on the roads. Not come straight out and say you are going to have a crash.


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