If someone was stalking you?

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The people listend below are potential stalkers, which one of these people would you LEAST want to be stalking you? why?
Micheal Jackson
Stephen Hawking
Two Ednas
The Verizon Guy
Boy George from Culture Club
A gang of Hippies
A Super Intelligent Cow
Ronald McDonald
A demonic version of yourself
Tori Spelling

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The easiest one to kill.


ronald mcdonald (i hate that clown)
besides micheal jackson goes after boys, doesnt he?


Michael Jackson. He’s just way too weird. However, I’d LOVE it if a gang of hippies stalked me.

no name

Michael Jackson

let the speakers blow your mind

-Edna,she is evil
-Michael Jackson “it” is evil
-Ronald Mc Donalds(which really is Michael Jackson wearing a red wig)

Chippy2414's Girl

Oh god, the super intelligent cow!! the rest aren’t that intelligent…how intelligent it this so called cow?? yeah that would be freaky!!

Danielle M

A Demonic version of myself. I wouldn’t want something evil that LOOKED like me stalking me, that would be a little hard to explain to the police. As much as it would be weird, to have a celebrity stalking me, someone is bound to notice.


a demonic version of myself cuz im already hyper all the time, so imagine that person running around after me! whenever people piss me off, i hurt them. so she’d probably be trying to kill me!


Stephen Hawking
The automated voice gives me the creeps. Imagine the phone calls in the middle of the night in that robotic monotone… Yikes!


You forgot to add ME to your list.


Boy George, Michael Jackson & Ronald McDonald


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