Home Discussion Forum If someone could control matter, what are the possibilities?

If someone could control matter, what are the possibilities?

Theoretically, let’s say Bob can control matter, through telepathy or however else. Since matter is that has mass and occupies space, an atom being the smallest indivisible unit of matter, this includes pretty much everything around us. What could be the possibilities entailed with this special ability? Imagination time!


  1. Anything, ripping people apart by sheer force of will, forming a walkway of air so hard you could walk on it, giving the illusion of hovering, a cocoon of air that took you along as fast as you can imagine which effectively eliminates travel time…Anything involving the physical world, but not very much concerning other people’s feelings or emotions, now lust, you could induce lust but that’s different. In order to control it all you would have to understand it all, which would mean you could intereperet it all, which would mean you would literally know everything about the physical universe and all about that which has happened, however you could not travel in time forward or backward, due to the fact that time is not affected by matter.

  2. you could make any physical form you like living or non living, destroy anything, create superstrong steel, cure any disease, and destroy the universe, you could travel forward in time due to general relativity,

  3. They would be able to use “Check Spelling” if they can’t write in English. They might be able to “rip people apart” and hopefully they would use that power on all the sheeple that are to stupid to think for themselves. But my thought is “If someone could control matter” the government would probably just use it to kill more women and children. Why do you ask this and why do people give such stupid answers?

  4. matter is made of atoms, so we could create gold with oxygen atoms, we could create complex molecules to create living cells or even REALLY BIG CREATURES, we could stop photons in the air, so all people would be blind (we need photons to see), we could create planets, stars, convert matter into energy or vive-versa, WE COULD BE SOMETHING LIKE AVATAR, FROM NICKELODEON, look what he can do with his mind powers

  5. I have learned to control matter but only when I think about goes back normal when not think charged me with escape for making wall move and floor scared to use it gets people scared of me and wabt ro kill people not ready for if but anyone can do it u only u dint think so and thays your proplem i


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