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If science could artificially produce an image of the Virgin Mary or Jesus in someone's consciousness?

through electrical stimulation of certain parts of the brain, would that prove to you, based on Achem’s Razor, that God does not exist?
It would prove that all supernatural things could be explained within the confines of science.
no, you can’t prove a negative, but you can conclude if something we once explained as supernatural is most likely simply electrons misfiring, since it can be proved that this is a possiblity and is not supernatural.
So if we can produce the effect artificially, that doesn’t disprove at all that the thing could be supernatural? Then what is the point in reproducing the effect?


  1. If science could artificially produce an image of you in my consciousness thru electrical stimulation, would that prove you don’t exist? …What would this prove??? Nothing, except that there is a scientist who exists, that knows how to manipulate brain waves.
    …Are you talking about Occam’s/Ockham’s Razor?

  2. I recently read an interesting article by Michael Shermer (from The Skeptic); it was about “ghosts.” The gist of the article was that a scientist was studying electromagnetic energy on the human brain–apparently he’s created an apparatus consisting of a motorcycle helmet that’s wired to some kind of generator (similar to how an MRI works). Being a firm believer in science, as well as an eternal wise-ass, I think I’d have used an oversized colander with Christmas lights on it, rather than a football helmet… but I digress.
    The subject puts on the helmet, and the machine is turned on, at various power levels and frequencies. The results are that most people “sense” someone walking by, watching them, etc. So, while it doesn’t really answer your question, it does suggest that humans are prone to these types of misattributions.
    Durned silly humans!

  3. No, it only means that science is able to duplicate these senses/images. A non-believer will never believe someone if they saw visions or a ghost, even if they saw something supernatural, their logical mind would explain it away.

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