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If Rock Lee has no Chakra Control abilities or anything…then how is he able to walk on water and stuff?

Me and my friend who watch Shippuden together noticed that in the Yuukimaru episodes, Rock Lee was walking on water…how?! I thought he wasn’t able to do this sort of thing….


  1. he can control his chakra, he just can’t use ninjitsu or the other (mind control) kind.
    I couldn’t remember the mame.
    or he runs so fast he doesn’t sink.

  2. The Yukimaru episodes, as it happens, are what is known as “filler”, meaning, it’s not a part of the story as it was in the manga. This is done because the anime is being made much faster than the manga, and as a result, they make these “filler” arcs instead of just stopping, because it’s a very profitable series.
    Unfortunately, the upshot of this is that the fillers are considered lower quality than the main story. This leads to things like Lee walking on water. And that’s terrible.
    Alternatively, in the years since he’s become a ninja, he may have mastered basic stuff like walking on water, walking up trees, etc. Also, it may be possible that he has chakra, he just can’t use it too well.

  3. Rock Lee isn’t able to do ninjutsu, but the fact that he can do such great taijutsu techniques, proves in itself that he can control his chakra.
    He learned how to manage chakra and stuff, but he isn’t able to do ninjutsu, that’s all.

  4. Dude! I said the same thing, Lee was getting his chakra drained or something and that’s when I thought this same thing. But if you look when he opens the gates, he has chakra corsing through him.
    Lee uses, chakra, in his Taijutsu, but nothing like Sakura or Tsunade. So when Sasuke fought him he did not see his movements because his Saringan must, be fully developed before he is able to see jutsu like Taijutsu: http://www.leafninja.com/uchiha.php

  5. u have a point there dude, as rightly said by tainted love, the fillers are terrible. but one more question pops up, if lee doesn’t have any chakra, then how is he able to open the celestial gates???

  6. my understanding is that application of ninjutsu and genjutsu requires the ability to combine chakra with stamina in order to influence the world around you. Rock lee appears to be incapable of this feat, however we have seen that he is capable of focussing chakra in his arms so possible his feet as well. Clearly over the gap rock lee has not learned to do the combination but has enhanced his control of “chakra releasing” and hence can walk on water.
    for the record, this ability was shown in anime filler sections before the break but I put that to filler failure. it was also shown in both anime and manga during the save gaara saga of part two when they were fighting kisame.


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