If reincarnation isn't real, why can some kids can play the piano well without lessons?

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Mozart could play the piano at 3. How could this be possible if he wasn’t a musician in a previous life?
A buddhist asked me this when I told them I don’t believe in past lives.

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Dharma- nator

Natural talent.


If reincarnation is real, how come the population is increasing? Is it a 5:1 split?

Jesse O

They’re called child prodigies. Even if .1% of people are born geniuses, that’s still a lot of born geniuses.

Josh B

good genes, natural talent, early piano lessons

Rich goldie

You msut admit that soem things seem like you have done this before.

TRUTH Speaker

so why then doesn’t everyone?
why does the dog or cow not talk instead of bark and moo
pretty reasonable to assume they are not your kin huh ?


totally not seeing connection, how would skill transfer?

Truth seeker

Your Buddhist friend is right — there are many many cases of past life recall proven by scientists and doctors as well



Thristy Cat

God given talent


Quick learner. Natural talent. Amazing.
Anyone (well, not anyone obviously) can make a beautiful piece if they can remember where the notes are and can arrange them in way they are nice to the ear.

Glow wings

I truly believe we come here again many times. Maybe not as the same person or the same sex, the same part of the world or the same circumstances. Bu our spirit lives on forever. There is so much more to learn, than one person can possibly learn in just one lifetime.


Good point. By the way those who keep asking about the rise in population don’t understand reincarnation. It is not just humans on this planet who are reincarnating.


I don’t know the answer to the question, but I do know that what you are positing does not prove reincarnation.
There are a lot of things that cannot be understood or explained. For instance, how is it that some people with severely limited brain capacity and function are called “savants,” or geniuses in certain areas, such as mathematics. This does not prove reincarnation either. either. It’s just a not yet understood mystery.
Go in peace.
And always remember: — Jesus loves you!!
Uncle Floyd


They are able to have talents like that at a very young age because it is a gift that God has given them. And because it was Gods will for him to become a piano player so He gave him that gift.
“I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength” Philippians 4:13

Warrior Poo Flinger got limed

I’m a slightly overweight 44 year old white woman who doesn’t exercise or stretch or take yoga and I don’t even know what pilates is but I can sit in the half lotus perfectly without any effort and full lotus if I pull my foot up, the only thing preventing it from going up on it’s own is the circumference of my thighs. When taught to meditate I took to it like a fish to water and the couple or three yoga poses I did for a yoga teacher I was told I executed perfectly on my first try. I think I was a Buddhist monk novice (boy) in my last life that either left the monastary young, or died young. I didn’t complete the training, and I find fart jokes very very funny.
EDIT: LHOOQ: Souls don’t come back immediately, and some souls are younger than others. In Buddhism, there is but One Soul, and we are all of It. So population according to rebirth in Buddhism is moot.


duh, talent.
something i don’t have.

Maureen S

I am beginning to lean towards reincarnation for many reasons, the one you mention being one of them.
This story started my interest.
A 5 year old was in the car with her parents when she said “How come I couldn’t come and live with you before”. The parents were puzzled by the question but didn’t ask the girl any more details. When they arrived home, the girl asked the same question, exactly the same words. Suddenly the Mother realized what she was asking.
Two years previously the Mother had a miscarriage, it had been a little girl. What this daughter was asking, was why, when she tried to become their daughter the first time, something happened to stop her.
Since that time this girl has grown up to be an Old Soul.
(somebody who has a certain energy that connects everyone to her in a loving, positive way.) She has come up with comments and suggestions that shows that she is well advanced into what this life is all about.
Very young children, stare at her, and where they can they follow her until she walks out of their site.
Animals are drawn to her immediately, and they also sit and just stare at her, even the most troubled dogs.
At an animal shelter she saw a dog in the corner who had been shivering with fright for three days. The girl called out “Come Tara, come and see me”. The dog stopped shivering and run to her and started greeting her like she had known her for ever. This dog had known that name.
This girl is my youngest daughter. Through the years I have watched as unhappy people, became happy just being near her.
I believe she DID try and come to us two years previously than her birth date.
I believe that children and dogs see an aura or a light around her.
THAT is why I have started to question and investigate reincarnation and it is a very, very interesting subject.


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