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If reincarnation is true, what do you think you were supposed to learn in this life?

I often think about this for myself.


  1. lol nevermind that question, the question that should be ask is if reincarnation is true where did the first soul come from?
    and what is the evidence for the existance of SOUL?
    EDIT:(to the first poster) LOL exactly what i was thinking
    (now talking to the asker) THINK ABOUT THAT, use reason and logic as your guide

  2. for me i know that if i get reincarnated i won’t let a potentially wonderful opportunity slip through my fingers again because i’m afraid of someone’s reaction, i’ll also hold on to my friends much tighter, pull them in, never let them think i don’t love them because now i know that at any moment they can be snatched from me

  3. How to love, laugh, control our emotions, give in to our emotions, do good to others, to hate and rage, rise and fall. I think we’re meant to experience everything we can as humans.

  4. One of the things I think I am learning this time around is that most people are where they need to be, spiritually. Those who dismiss reincarnation and cling to either conventional Christianity or morbid atheism probably need those beliefs to help them acquire the enlightenment required of them this lifetime. Christians seem to need a parent figure to monitor them, punish and forgive them; atheists seem to express the need for absolute self reliance and freedom.
    Because I was born with vivid memories of my past life, I can help light the way for someone who is unsure about reincarnation. But at the same time I understand that Christianity and atheism are really karmic choices that these individuals must resolve for themselves.


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