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If reincarnation is true, then how does the human population keep expanding?

There were only some 100 million people on this planet just 1000 years ago. Now there are six billion. How could they be reincarnating? I sure hope someone in the Hindu church gets fired over this.


    • You don’t think we are just a minute speck in the grand scale of God’s creations. In my father’s house there are many mansions ie other worlds— where souls inhabit other bodies from that planet. Get over it. We are just not that special, although God loves us all the same.

  1. What about animals? How many animals were there then? How many are there now? Their numbers dwindle while ours rise. Maybe that would explain it.

  2. Maybe all the noble ants that got trampled on in the previous lifetime were granted mercy and turned into people.

  3. Don’t bother asking. It should be no secret by now that every time you come up with something that any given belief system doesn’t address they will simply make up new rules to address it and call it absolute truth.

  4. Quite the argument.
    I’m sure that someone would say the soul is not reincarnated immediately or something… but eventually we’ll be at the point where there are more alive than dead. Scary.

  5. i dont belive on that but the reason might be because we produce more
    1 human=produce 2 human which are called childrens

  6. O ye man of little faith. Go back to the first humans and count how many people have lived and died. A number exceeding 100 billion people may have lived and died on the planet earth.

  7. Time is man-made. Man invented the calendar. Therefore it doesn’t exist. We can be reincarnated into any time period. Also, Buddists believe in various levels of life. You can be a cow in one and then a human in another. Look up how many animals exist on the planet.

  8. Yeah, it’s mathematically improbable, but since when does any religion pay any attention to obviously illogical beliefs? There were fewer people in the past, so if someone died and then someone was born and the person that just died was reincarnated, then the population should not increase. Now if you say they can get reincarnated as an animal, then who were those first animals and insects? And if this is the case, then the population should decrease not increase. I’ve just gone cross eyed.

  9. According to religions that believe in reincarnation, your soul does not necessarily have to be reincarnated into another human. Your next life could be a cow, a snake, an ant, whatever. Depending on the religion, some say that what you do in one life determines your position in the next.

  10. My friend, as admirable as pondering about Creation and the fate of one’s soul may be…to put it briefly: I think it unlikely that a motley group of teenagers and adults such as we hold the key to unlocking the mysteries of the Universe, and that thus, alas, we may be able to aid you not in your sating your thirst for knowledge and truth.

  11. ever considered the earths population as a whole not just human and who’s to say this is the only planet supporting life. it works may or may not be true but it does work.

  12. Re-incarnation is a depressing idea, and that’s why
    I don’t believe in it.
    If reincarnation were true, then, …
    do we get to choose who we come back as, or
    is it forced upon us ?
    For example, what does Einstein come back as ?
    What if he came back as a very boring
    person with no interest in science or education?
    What happens if a good man comes back as an
    evil man?
    What if a healthy individual with a happy fulfilling life
    comes back as a sickly person that dies soon?
    This is why the concept of reincarnation sucks.
    And I don’t want to come back as an ant.

  13. Well to tell you the truth, your soul does not reincarnate the minute you die, it could wait anywhere from 1 day to 1000 yrs before reincarnating itself. According to the hindu’s this is the last age (Called yuga) called the kali yug, this age is filled with lies and dishonestly, Also post the end of this age the world will be destroyed and recreated by god again. The souls can experience materialistic wants much better in this age. So hence there is a higher number of reincarnation. Another point to point out is, that other plants and animal species which are extinct or in-dangered are also reincarnated as humans once they have reached a higher level of spiritual conscience. So logically, the high level of birth rate should be easy to understand.
    Oh a few more facts, according to the bible matheew 11:11-15 jesus said that he was the reincarnation of Elijah.
    john 9:34 jesus is asked if the blind man was blind because of past bad deed or due to his parents, but jesus replied it was because of other things, he never denied reincarnation. there are many other such qoutes. IF you beleive in edgar cayce, according to him, jesus went to egypt to study religion and then to india, where he stayed till his 33rd year.
    Hope this helps.

  14. Those who ask questions like this should expand their brains a bit more to try to conceive of the idea that at the non-physical level we are not, repeat NOT, earthlings. I realize people asking this question (repeatedly in YA) have bought into the traditional religious concept that man was created from the dirt somewhere in the mid-east, but maybe they should open their minds a little wider and understand that we are the stuff of stars, we are citizens of the entire Cosmos, and souls would not be physical, nor bound to any one physical plane. Souls are being born all the time, as are stars, if you know your astronomy, and the stuff of stars can be born anywhere in the Cosmos.
    Carl Sagan – brilliant scientific mind behind the “Cosmos” miniseries and books, part of the science team for the Voyagers spacecraft – and known for his tireless dedication to debunking claims of the paranormal. As a serious scientist, Sagan detested the “baloney” in the so-called supernatural world, and even founded a group specifically to examine and debunk paranormal claims. But after looking into the studies conducted by serious researchers, such as Dr. Ian Stevenson, in the field of reincarnation, Sagan was so impressed that he concluded [emphasis mine] that reincarnation is possible:

  15. That is a good question, and one many have asked. But your question is based on the belief that souls have nothing to do except be in bodies. Souls do exist outside of bodies. They do not have to inhabit a body all the time. If they did have to, they would would cease to exist once they left the body! As the population grows, (and the need for souls grows) more and more souls who never experienced human form are making commitments to enter bodies and live out a physical existence.
    Also, a common theory is that we come here time after time, and try to become more advanced with each incarnation. Once we reach a certain level, we are able to split our soul energy and inhabit more than one body at a time. And finally, some believe that more and more souls are being created all the time.
    If the miracle of soul creation occurred once, it would be curious to think that it couldn’t happen over and over.
    All that being said, I guess the only way any of us will really know the answers to these questions, is to find out what it’s like once we leave our bodies!


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