If reincarnation is real, what does the soul do after the body dies and before the next incarnation?






  1. The soul will review the life just lived, recall past experiences of other lives, evaluate what can be accomplished/learned in a new life, then look for a place and time and parents that might be a good placement to learn or accomplish what has been chose.
    And then become incarnate, and live again, as whatever is needed to learn or accomplish.

  2. I Do Not Believe in “Reincarnation”. So There.
    But!—satan Copied GOD, and came UP with Reincarnation.
    see, anything that is of satan, IS a Copy of what GOD Almighty Created—after satan PERVERTS It.
    Sin, is a Perversion of “Truth”.
    Truth IS: What Ever GOD Almighty: Thinks, Does or Says
    Now that I have put All of this in “One Package”—I give you a Big Ditt0!!!
    A Really Big Ditto to Ya’ now!!!
    and a, So There!, too.
    (Oh Brother!) 🙂

  3. Well I don’t like to poke fun at other religions because I am a religious person myself, but reincarnation is a bunch of BS. I do, however, will never grow tired of making fun of Scientology.

  4. I’m not really sure, our soul go into the next body and live a life based on what they did in the previous. Per say, if they were for evil then they will have a sadder life in this, but I always think that would strong faith they can find a way to redeem themselves and get a happier life the next. :p
    I never thought what haunted places, ghosts, are souls. I always thought of them as energy.

  5. Unfortunately, it’s not real.
    Some believe the soul has full consciousness of who to pick next, others believe it blindly gravitates towards the body or life form that best suits its character.

  6. In the US alone, there are about 2.5 million deaths per year compared to 4.1 million births per year, so I guess nobody really has to wait.

  7. i think maybe it spreads out, travels, to where its to go now, but at different rates maybe, soem goes, then soem more, then more etc
    and then it all meets up
    just a theory tho, one i just came up with

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