if reincarnation is for real…why does the human population keep increasing? ?





where were all these reincarnating souls before?


  1. I don’t believe in reincarnation, but if it were possible, there would be no reason that you would have to be bound by time, so rather than reincarnating into the body of someone who was born shortly after you died, you could be reincarnated far into the future, or indeed the past. If this was the case its entirely possible you would live several lifetimes during one time period, and possibly even meet yourself, and if that’s the case you would only need one soul to live out every lifetime, meaning that we are all in fact a single entity, experiencing life from every different angle.
    Just to reiterate, this is all bollocks. I’d hate to think I’m responsible for turning people into dreamcatching tree hugging spiritualists…

  2. Interesting question and its hard to think of an answer that doesnt fall foul of occams razor. All the convoluted ones about other dimensions and the like are just sticking plasters trying to cover up the obvious flaw with this whole idea.
    Equally bizarre is why people who “relive” a previous life are almost always someone famous – I mean how many times can Napoleon or Anne Boleyn be reborn?

  3. Haven’t you noticed how many newly incarnated souls there are around here? They’re the ones with no past lives to remember, the ones who go around saying things like “the laws of karma and reincarnation are man made and wretched” or “reincarnation is a lie” or “It is appointed that man dies once” or “I don’t believe in reincarnation.”

  4. There is a mixture of new and old souls.
    That’s why some people think and that if you have been here before, when you are born you come out with your fist clenched. If your a new soul you don’t.

  5. Duh new souls are being created and born all the time… And others reach their final reincarnations. Anyway, all those souls before reincarnating they were part of the One. The One is everything including the Gods. It encompasses all and well just like the Universe keeps expanding so does the One keep dividing.

  6. Because we have the entire infinite universes and the infinite dimensions at our disposal… There are millions of people here on earth right now that are living their first incarnation here, but they have been reincarnating since the dawn of the 1st universe…
    In Light… )O(

  7. Man it is
    It is called
    Population explosion
    More people and more people
    And all the second timers are kind of lost in what they are suppose to do that is why
    There are so many stupid people on the planet now
    Now you know why that jerk in front of you in a Walmarts check out line has the only item that they said didn’t have a price tag on it
    Don’t you
    They are reincarnated from someone that lived a couple of century’s ago

  8. Not many people are reincarnated into other people, it’s mostly to do with the advancement of the spirit through the animal kingdom and beyond into the astral planes

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