if reincarnation exists, then how come there's so many stupid people around these days?





does this mean that ignorance Truly is bliss?


  1. Maybe because medical intervention is keeping people alive for an unaturally long time and therefore leading to ever increasing cases of cognitive degenerative diseases such as dementia and Alzheimer’s, the minds of these reincarnated individuals are defective.

  2. Overpopulation has made our little blue planet full of first-time incarnates. They’re dazzled by the superficiality of this physical world, and most of them don’t have a clue about life.

  3. I bought some purple nail-polish today, and I caught my brother in law trying some on just before supper.
    Now I ask you…is he stupid, or was that nail polish irresistable?

  4. To make it easier on those of us who have been given the gift of intelligence.
    Lovely avatar by the way, and lovely name as well.

  5. You don’t remember your previous life, or at least it is stored in an inaccessible part of the brain. KArma effect how good or bad your next life will be, But basically it’s the law of cause and effect.

  6. Isn’t karma involved in reincarnation? maybe all those bad people who existed earlier have been reincarnated as stupid people as some sort of karmic pay back?

  7. some people do seem to have a hard time learning. it could take eons to catch on to a simple truth. this is why the buddhists talk about the wheel of ignorance.

  8. I’m not sure I understand your argument…
    Are you implying that if reincarnation was true, then by now people wouldn’t be stupid? or at least that there would be very few stupid people in the world?
    I’m sure you can see this argument is flawed–you can’t assume that reincarnation makes people smarter.

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