If reincarnation does not exist, God can be considered fair?

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It would not be consistent with the justice or with the goodness of God to sentence to eternal suffering those who may have encountered obstacles to their improvement independent of their will, and resulting from the very nature of the conditions in which they found themselves placed. If the fate of mankind were irrevocably fixed after death. God would not have weighed the actions of all in the same scales, and would not have treated them with impartiality.

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God is fair.
He is all knowing not partial knowing.
Find out why.


Humans often “see” GOD as the benefactor in the sky… filled with judgment.
Heaven and Hell are words used to control behaviour, and in order to gain early control, many religions have you “born dirty” with no chance for redemption.
To an old soul, this is reprehensible.
God is so much bigger than any of this.
The truth?
You are GOD.
You are sacred.
The love of GOD is the love you have for all natural things, including nature, animals, and other humans.
It is the energy of the universe and YOU are in control.
While on earth, it all hides from you.
Blessed is the Human who knows they are part of the grandness, all of which is God.
Love & Blessings


From what I understand, societies that believe in reincarnation consider it to be a drudgery–a curse, not a blessing.
All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God. We are dead in our sins and cannot improve ourselves.


wow, what a lot of words


Who are we to question God’s fairness.


There are some Christians out here who think * everyone * will have a chance to hear the gospel in some form. I simply don’t see how that could be the case.
There are others, like myself, who believe in God’s justice, holding everyone responsible for what they have heard.
Keep in mind that we truly haven’t a * clue * as to what the ‘justice and goodness of God’ really means. The minute we start filtering it through our preconceived notions, it might already be horrible misconstrued.

Jesse D

do you not realize that in eastern religions, reincarnation is considered a punishment?

Dexter's 2nd Incarnation

I have been hearing the voice of a spirit that claims to be God. I have had more arguements and debates with Him than I can count. I have heard Him talk about His issues.
If what He say’s is true, then God is NOT fair.
If what He say’s is true, religious adherence means nothing to Him, other than a way to anger Him. He see’s it as an attempt to ‘curry His favor’. And it does not work.
He say’s His intention has always been the reincarnation of people that He favors, based on personal beauty, provided that their behavior is not too offensive to Him.
He is unfair.
You get a star for that question.


God doesn’t exist and neither does reincarnation… end of argument.

Army girl

God is Fair.
He loves us more than you imagine. Jesus died for us, for our sins, to redeem us from our sins. You don’t call that a fairness.


People get exactly what they deserve, my friend.
Heaven and Hell are parts of the wheel of rebirth (in Buddhist philosophy), so if you live a very good life you will have a fortunate rebirth in Heaven where you live for potentially thousands of years without suffering.
Suffering is an inevitability of egocentric existence, though it has been conquered by a few.


Based upon the limited thoughts inspired by your limited stock of memories and experiences (that which defines your ego); you wish to decide if re incarnation exists? Is it wise to measure an ocean with a 6 inch ruler?


i’d prefer you clarify, but i take it this question is adressed to christians.
jeez, look at all these fools answering ur question. unless ur content just as a sheep being led by the shepherd, then please, think for yourselves. actually, i’m not a religious person. i’m agnostic. (not atheist, but kinda.) and anyways, i’m not trying 2 make u change ur views, i’m just fed up with society and the mindless followers. -sigh- that was pretty much irrelevant, but regardless, i’ve grown up in a conservatively religious family, and i just feel the need to share my views with another individual.
1) the bible doesn’t exactly say there’s a hell. yes, there is a satan, but for the most part, the bible just says that god forgives all sins and you’ll go to heaven.
thus ur argument of hell is useless.
2.)if, however, u insist that the bible cleary says you will go to hell for sinning, i suggest you read Dante’s Divine Comedy. it’s hilarious how much of this author’s fantasy has adapted with modern Christianity, particularly the heaven and hell factors. The Divine Comedy is pretty much the bible to some people. In the Divine Comedy, there is a hell but there’s also a purgatory for those who repent so that they can join God in paradise.
Though his poetic style gets a little old, Dante really is a genius and the book is a good read, even if only from a literary standpoint.
hope it helps, good luck in ur quest for truth. 🙂


Well god does know what that person sent to eternal suffering has chosen in there life and obstacles that have caused this persons desions GOd knows if he truly is sorry for those desions or not..And that is ione reason you are sent. in my opoion..SO a person who has chosen the path even if it was inevitably would still be judge and is given what they deserve..


you do understand that reincarnation is considered a punishment to those who were not good people or did not pray. they can be reincarnated to either an animal or a human being again, if you are not a good person, but if you are a good person you will be sent to heaven and NOT be reincarnated. so in a way it is fair because if you are a good person you will not be reincaranated and be sent to heaven.


Everyone has obstacles, everyone has to fight there are no exception to this very fact. Satan will forever throw obstacles in the way of every single human being.We do not have to fight those obstacles alone, Jesus promised to help us through each thing, if we call on Him. If we don’t call on Him to help us through then it is our own fault, God and Jesus have done everything they can for us as far as salvation goes, There are so many promises to help us in scripture, but it is up to us to grab hold of those promises, to reach out for help.
Come on, Jesus Christ died on the cross, He paid the price for us, He defeated the devil for us, He was beaten so that we could be healed. Don’t blame God and call Him unfair because of our lack.


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