If planets have consciousness does that mean they are aware of the people on it.?

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What about other celestial bodies like stars. As I sit here in front of my screen being aware, are these actual entities that have awareness as well. It’s a neat thought.
What about the universe? Is it possible to actually talk to the sun, earth or the whole shebang? How would the universe respond?

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free spirit ☆☾♎ ‡

great question for astronomy….. I would love to hear their answers

Michael Hunt

If the Earth ever wakes up to the skin disease it’s currently enduring, humanity is in trouble.


Hah I agree with the guy above me. Humans are certainly the skin disease of the earth.

10 Cane

Where is the seat of their consciousness?
We know that we are conscious as we have brains. What about planets and stars? Can a huge rock of iron or a nuclear fusion reactor really have consciousness?


Stars and planets do not have consciousness, they are simply balls of hydrogen, helium, nickle, iron, and silicone. They have no structures that function like a brain
You can talk to these things all you want but they will never hear or comprehend what you are saying to them

Maurog II

No, we are too small, like bacteria. Are you aware of the bacteria on you?
What could a bacteria do to talk to you?

Mysterious Panda

Are you aware of the atoms that make up your body…?
Do you listen to their crazy little plans and dreams…


Edit: All Answers above are Exact and Perfect!
—and below???
(time now)


I believe that the earth has a spiritual aspect to it and it is aware of the people on it in some way we don’t fully understand. The earth was created by God for his children (us) to live on. We are not a “skin disease.” However, the earth does mourn because of the wickedness of the people living here.

Bob Vila

Not necessarily. Would you be aware of the bacteria in your stomach if no one had told you they were there?


Pantheism is a prehistoric spirituality that sees a personality or spirit in everything, even inanimate objects.
Planets were not thought of as anything but special stars until the age of Science.
The extension of pantheism to planets is relatively modern, but it is not at all scientifically valid. The efficacy of prayers to planets is not of great intersest to those who study world religions, but pantheism is embedded in many ancient and a few (very) modern religions.
For the record I think this is a spiritual dead end, but I acknowledge there are a few modern adherents who are fairly normal people.


All is awareness and can be communicated with if one knows how to listen. One must gain the proper insight to do this.


Doubtful – can YOU communicate with the individual cells of your body?


To the above question, does this mean that cells don’t communicate with other cells and when an issue is occurring or large enough to inform the rest of the body?
Lovely comment *Nixie*


I personally feel like the cosmos is aware and that planets and suns have conciousness. You can almost feel it when u look up on a clear star filled night. Everything is so vibrant and alive!


The comments under here are so incorrect. For one micro organisms in our stomach (our microbiota) have been studied to effect our body in numerous ways. In fact they control our emotions sometimes, and people who eat healthier are happier because they have “happy microbiota”. Its fascinating you should listen to the science behind it on the good gut. Anyways that being said I think shows that the earth could (I know for a fact it is alive but for non believers lol) be alive and feel us almost like microbiota. Its weird, but the earth has chakras, and certain weather is effected by what is going on with the people, its hard to explain and I am lucky to have this knowledge, but I promise you planets just as rocks are sentient beings. If you go to peru or places where they still have much ancient knowledge you will see how aware they are of everything having life.


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