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If planets evolve to suns, and planets have psychic properties as in astrology, are moon conscious, too?


  1. planets never ever evolve into suns
    not ever.
    planets never ever have psychic properties
    not ever.
    the moon is not conscious.
    it never was
    it never will be

  2. Ok, by your theory, you answered it yourself.
    If planets revolve the sun, and are deemed as having “magical powers”, then the moons clearly does not, as they don’t rotate the sun, but planets instead, however the moon makes exception on this, as its visible to naked eye on earth.
    Moons orbiting the other planets weren’t seen and pluto was deducted as not being a planet, so how is this mumbo jumbo helping you? Planets are masses of gasses and minerals, how would it make a difference if eq. jupiter would implode and no longer exist?

  3. If you are being serious, I do believe that moons/ planets/ stars/ etc have consciousness. But not on the level of human beings, or even other animals. Forget that planets don’t evolve into suns- but if you are shaky on the science, you are closer on the spirituality side…
    I believe that a planet’s “self” is far beyond our own understanding.
    Did you ever hear about the ants? (short story, bear with, please): A group of ants live in an area that they have lived in for many generations. One day, their world begins to shake, and move in a way that it never has before. They panic- some say it is the end of the world, some say it is the second big bang, some say it is the next stage, and they should get used to it. They send out scouting groups to see what it was, but find nothing. Mystery. What they don’t know is that they are living near a seldom used train track and what has happened is that a train has passed for the first time in years. Will the ants ever know or comprehend this? NO. And they don’t have to.
    Kind of explains my ideas about how the planets sense of “self” is- it is there, but we cannot comprehend it- we can however, know that it is there, and exists, and take a comfort in that.
    Hope that you were serious, and not just messing around.

  4. Since your first postulate is completely wrong, and your second postulate is also completely wrong, does it mean your question demonstrates complete ignorance ?
    You fail at science. You also fail at general knowledge. You’d lose on Jeopardy.

  5. Planets do Not evolve into suns! Where did you get that idea? The stuff of planets and the stuff on suns/stars are completely different. If a planet dies, it becomes a lifeless rock. A Sun evolves from a red star to a yellow star to a white dwarf, usually and eventually simply ‘goes out’. Moons are dead rocks caught in the gravitational pull of a larger object we call a planet. Please go back and study your basic astronomy more before postulating ridiculous ideas.


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