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if people stole my soul threw telepathy how can i get it back?

ive been dealing with people doing crazy telepathy torture for many years and they treathen to control me for the rest of my life and they stole my soul what kind of help can i seek this is very real and i do know that without my soul i probably wont have life after death and that is the reason they stole it i also am pretty sure that is a ALOT of people can anyone truly help me?


  • i believe souls and telepathy exist as much as physics does, it’s impossible to believe in anything without believing in everything. either everything is real and possible… or nothing is. there is NO in between… anyway….

    first off, relax =] your gonna be fine.
    second, you need to gain complete control of your mind and soul. when you realize that you, and ONLY you can control your thoughts. you’ll be okay. you need to believe that. Only you can make yourself think, see, dream, talk, everything. you control your own reality. make it how ever you want. everyone in this world lives in there own world, we aren’t really here together. we all think completely differently we all are living in different reality’s. so you can control your own soul. if your at peace with all of this. you’ll be fine

    hope this isn’t a joke, and if you need more help or explaining email me

  • Find someone else how knows the art of telepathy and ask them to retrieve your soul for you, and as for the other guy who answered, telepathy and souls do exist…

  • Neither telepathy nor souls exist. I have done research on the quantum physics that disproves the possibility of either one. Sorry.

    Hope this helps 😉

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