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If people start having the ability of psychokinesis?

by Phoínix:

and they could be tested etc etc….. and scientifically was something real,
what would u believe?
1 it is from demons?
2 it is from God?
3 disproof religion or prove religion?
would u like to have psychokinetic abilities and which one?
Telekinesis; movement of matter
pyrokinesis and cryokinesis
Self levitation
Object deformation
Influencing events (in time)
Biological healing
Phasing through matter.
Transmutation of matter.
Energy shield (force field).
Control of magnetism.
Thoughtform projection, telepathic projection
Recurrent spontaneous psychokinesis (RSPK),
Umbrakinesis, the control of darkness and shadows.

Answer by godspigtoo
wheee then they can fly


  1. “If people start having the ability … ” ? I like these make believe “what if” games.
    Now it’s MY turn. How about THIS one: If elephants have ears, then why can’t dogs fly? But since dog’s don’t fly, why do elephants still have ears?
    See, that was fun. Let’s do this again some time.

  2. I think if we had these, it would impact Earth so harshly that 1 would be proven-
    ‘God’, the omnipotent being in this case, would never supply the human race with such a catastrophic ability that would sole-ly benefit anything from hell. But then again, it would be ourselves that unlocked the ability to control the part of the mind that supplied this power- i’m not sure…
    From a scientific perspective, it may disprove religion entirely, many people would question their faith, or see this as an oppurtunity to claim ‘the end of the world’ again.
    If i had the choice between any of the above, it would be between sonokenisis and umbrakinesis- they’re subtle abilities that i could use to my benefit in any enviroment. (Dude, i just spent like 20 of my precious minutes of life looking those up. i hope your satisfied -.-)
    How about yourself, doll??


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