If Pagan religions were Satan's counterfits of Christ then why would God give Satan a head start?

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So he could cast billions of Pagans into hell on judgment day?

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Andrew H

The human race is over 100,000 years old. So that would mean god waited over 98,000 years before bothering to send his emissary. It’s all one bad, ignorant joke.


Seems this god likes confusing people and playing with their emotions… then expects them to Know that he is a “True” god but if you don’t, off to hell with you. It’s a total mess.

Tao Man

Pagan religions existed thousands probably tens of thousands before the Christian gods, which include “Satan”, were invented. The Christian gods were composites of previously worshiped ancient gods who were also invented by man. The only reason for these inventions was to create an unquestionable authority.

wild-man of Borneo

Is that so?
Look in the real world.
Decode this lyrics ” You’ll see ”
“Wonderful wonderful”
“Wonderful life”
“Time after time”
“Don’t know much”
“Wonderful world”
“Just another day”
“What a wonderful world”
“Mama Mia”
“Nobody told me”
“The Great Commandments”
“I can see clearly now”
“We are the champion”
“I started the joke”
“My way”
Not pride and prejudice ?
Bleeding from the crown of thorns?
Luke 21.30-36
Luke 9.25,55-56,60
Luke 8.5-8,10-17
Luke 24.44-45,47-48
Genesis 11.1,3-9
Revelation 16.14
Luke 22.3-6
Leviticus 19.29,31
Leviticus 20.6
Luke 4.4-9
Luke 3.7-9
Luke 16.13
Exodus 20.1-6
Matt 7.15-27
Matt 27.29,37
Luke 9.25-27
Luke 17.20-30
Luke 11.42-52
Luke 14.26-35
Leviticus 4.13,22
Matt 21.13
Revelation 17 -20
Matt 22.17-21,32
Revelation 22.13-17
Exodus 20.1-17
Luke 6.20-49
Exodus 23.24,32
What do you think?


Explain me one thing.
How do you decode all this?


See, this is how religious conflicts start. The entire Christian religion is based on the ancient Sumerian religion, including most of the texts. So if any religion is counterfeit, its Christianity. Not to sound sacrilegious, but if Jesus was alive today, he would be committed to a mental facility. A guy who hears voices no one else can? Sounds like schizophrenia to me………


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