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If our subconscious mind, has no sense of humor, can play no jokes or cannot tell the difference between…..?

reality and an imagined thought or image. Then what we continually think about eventually will manifest in our lives?


  1. what a tricky question.ya never know what the subconscious is about anyways until you do an initial act?..that act is a choice depending on our individual conscious personalities …so yeh..ive lost myself

  2. You place a question mark after a statement. In such a strenuously serious category as Philosophy accuracy is more likely to elicit serious response. What is the question?

  3. Yes. The lack of humor decreases our chance to stay light and reduce the loads that tend to pull us down. Our dull or unhappy approach to life will eventually wear our senses out. We lose that bright side of our reasoning which ushers us into being able to function as we should. And as we deal with our life, the unpleasantness of our being will be clearly displayed on our everyday walls. What we are is how we live.


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