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If our souls are eternal, and get recycled through reincarnation, why do we have no memory of past lives?

Or do we? I don’t mean goofy Shirley MacLaine style past-life regression, but rather just memories of whatever previous existence our “soul” might have had?
Is it that such memories are beyond our ability to perceive? Or did they just never happen, because we are soulless monkeys?


  1. We do not get reincarnated.
    Think of it, if their was reincarnation, what was there to make those birds? And if they we’re made by us, did they just poof into existance? How could atoms be made so fast without a fast explosion right after? If it appeared like that, the atoms would be moving so fast it would explode or disingrate.
    I’m a Christan.

  2. My understanding is that all sensory data and memory is stored on the brain. Since you can’t take your brain with you, it doesn’t present much of a problem.

  3. Man, have you SEEN what happens in those recycling places? They haul the stuff up a conveyor and liquefy it in a furnace!
    I’d be more concerned about whose dirty soul ended up mixed in with mine!

  4. Well, you do, in a way.
    When you are born you are predisposed to certain things. You may have medical issues, innate talents, or personality traits. Those things are carried over from your previous lives and are a kind of memory. owever, to remember everything would defeat the purpose of coming and working on certain issues.
    However, those memories are not beyond the ability for all to perceive. There are many documented cases of individuals who have been able to retrieve those memories accidentally after some kind of accident or purposefully via hypnosis, like Bridie Murphy, Omm Sety, and Edgar Cayce.
    The process is explained in more detail here:

  5. If i get very drunk and have no memory of the night before,
    Does that mean it didn’t happen?
    Due to traumatic experience, like a car crash, people often suffer amnesia, So how traumatic is death and it’s consequential amnesia?
    How much of our “subconscious” instincts is the soul’s memories and experience? Is natural talent and aptitude the manifestation of these memories contained in the soul?
    Personally i don’t believe the soul contains memories of past lives rather that memories are stored in the brain. Thus the soul sheds such things in each death and rebirth.
    As for “soulless monkeys” well monkeys and other animals do have a soul (from my religious perspective)

  6. I was talking about that today with a good friend and colleague. I was telling him it’s about time we, as human beings and sentient life forms, communicate to the Universal Consciousness or Collective Soul, that we will no longer accept being used as “guinea pigs” for the soul’s experience sojourn. It’s immoral to “use” sentient beings for selfish purposes.
    How’s that for a concept? I don’t believe our experiences are stored in our “brains,” but rather, the third eye area, on an ethereal level, independent of our physical selves. I don’t believe we come back into an embryo. I believe we wait to see if the baby is going to come to term and then join our consciousness with the physical form as it draws its first breath. Why would a soul want to waste precious experience and consciousness floating in amniotic fluid?
    But I’ve had sh*t happen too many times in this life and my friend said maybe I have yet to learn my lesson from it. But if that’s true, I object to my conscious energy using my physical form as a “shell” and putting it through hell, just for my enlightened soul lessons. It’s almost a “Star Trek-Violation of the Prime Directive” thing. It’s immoral to “use” my physical/ego self for my own selfish higher gain.
    Just a thought.

  7. I usually drink so much that I can’t even remember the night before, how am I supposed to remember a past life?

  8. Absence of evidence is not evidence for absence. Just because there is no compelling evidence for an afterlife, or reincarnation, or whatever, doesn’t mean that it’s not there – it just means that there’s some communication barrier that prevents information leakage…Your atoms will live on, born from stars and eventually swallowed by stars… That is your real reincarnation.

  9. I have yet to see anything conclusive about the existence or non-existence of a soul. As to what physical properties such as memory or reuse might exist for a soul, I think that is sheer speculation based on personal faith or organizational teaching.
    As an Agnostic I am going to take a wait and see approach, and not try to force any conclusions based on sheer speculation and wishful thinking.
    I hope this helps.


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