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If our Mind keeps Evolving, will we eventually have the Power of Telekinesis?

This concept is quite common in Sci-Fi and comicbook. Scientifically, is it true? That someday we all would be able to do telekinesis due to evolution?

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  1. If there really are aliens….maybe they will teach us how to do this. Well..it won’t be this generation…but maybe future generations.

  2. I can’t see that we would evolve to have to have that ability.
    First someone would have to randomly mutate to have that ability then they would have to reproduce more successfully and out compete people that didn’t have that power.
    And that’s even assuming that it would be physically possible for a person to produce mind power as a tangible energy that could move things.

  3. In order to “evolve” a telekinetic ability, natural selection would have to favor an environment that is advantageous for telekinesis. Cell phones accomplish an almost identical ends to these means but with one added advantage: you can always hang up on an annoying caller.
    Can you all the annoying telemarketing scams and spams that we’d be inundated with if telekinesis ever hit the marketing masses?

  4. That is a tough one, if telekenesis is possible, then it is quite likely that mutation or genetic engineering will produce something capable of it. However the real question is whether it is possible for an organism to manipulate an object non-locally. Using strong magnetic fields would reek havok on all know organisms. Telekenisis would most likely rely on a not-yet discovered force if it is possible.

  5. I dont think telekinesis is more like an evolving ability it is more practicing and learning. So, i dont think that telekinesis could be gained by evolution it could be gained by practice and learning.that is what I mean. I hope everyone will respect my point of view.

  6. You seem to realize the truth of telekinesis.Right now there is no such thing.It seems unlikely there ever will be.The human brain just isn’t wired that way.Only in the magical world of paranormal bragging and bluster.Is it even considered a possibility.

  7. In order for a trait like that to evolve (excluding the sticky issue of physics for now), there has to be an environmental pressure which selects for the improved survival abilities provided by that trait. It seems rather doubtful that such an environmental pressure exists, especially today in this modern world where we don’t have to fight and forage daily for food and shelter. Would this trait provide for better survival, e.g., more offpsring? I don’t think so. After all, Criss Angel probably does pretty well with the ladies and he doesn’t even have real powers. 🙂

  8. A lot of terms like “demon” or “spirit” I find too crass – but the simple fact is that aviation and gunpowder were once seen as evil dark magic by the church (which was the ruling faction).
    Now, the Ruling Faction is that of Scientific Reason, and anything spiritual suddenly doesn’t exist or is mumbo-jumbo. Don’t you think it silly to be as closed minded as your predecessor? I think that the spiritual exists and that one day, probably far down the road, science will better grasp and define it – but for the time being, they are still trying to distance themselves from it (probably because the first scientists were burned as witches… can’t hold a grudge).
    I believe that one day, when we better understand how to define these things, we will learn to harness them – just like we tamed lightning into light bulbs.

  9. There’s no way of being able to predict that. An evolutionary biologist could speculate on that by asking a couple of questions:
    “What is the biological advantages would lead to something as drastic as telekinesis? Is it an advantage that will be selected for in the population?”

  10. You have the power of telekinesis now. You just don’t realize it.
    I have taught students as young as 6 years old and as old as 86 to punch a hole in a cloud three miles away or more.

  11. Natural selection works when a particular trait makes an individual (or a population) better able to survive. Evolution isn’t just an apparent improvement or expansion of our natural abilities. Furthermore, who’s to say it’s even possible?

  12. Well our minds might be open, and strong enough to perform it more easily. But I doubt a baby will come out making objects fly everywhere or anything.

  13. Telekinesis (TK) is now called psychokinesis (PK) in the scientific research literature. The evidence suggest that psychokinesis is already an ability of the human mind.
    By the way it does not violate a single principle of quantum physics, in fact entanglement (link below) is required for quantum physics to be correct and several years of research suggest that it is a sound theory.
    Psychokinesis has years of supporting evidence from scientific experiments (links below) that show effects above chance (barely but consistently for more than 27 years) on small objects like random number generators, thrown dice, and decaying radioactive particles (all objects in motion or a state of flux) and the results require statistics to even see results above chance.
    Yes, it is entirely possible that when people evolve their thinking into asking ” how could this be possible?” instead of spending time defending their beliefs about why this isn’t possible that humans will be more willing to give more resources and time to researching human abilities and that we might progress the understanding of human abilities and advance our scientific knowledge.

  14. Some people might but they will have pretty darn large brains to store an energy source capable enough to move objects at range ,without a medium
    l doubt its the mind that evolves ,the body will have to evolve to store higher reserves of food and process it quick to produce spontaneous force to move objects when the mind decides it
    either that or influence the direction of force all around u [wind ,light ,sound so on] to one direction and direct it at the object
    which defies physics cuz we are fleshies ,whose electrical impulses can barely hurt a fly if concentrated and u want to move objects ?


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